The Motorola Edge gets a US price tag to challenge all the 5G midrangers

finally announced the pricing of its Edge mid-range devices with 5G connectivity in the United . In order to curb rising of 5G phones, it chose the second best alternative to Snapdragon 865, its new Edge phone, and equipped it with the more cost-effective Qualcomm’s first integrated 5G chipset, Snapdragon 765.

It also adds a huge battery, a 64MP camera and a headphone jack, and is one of the most complete $700 packages you can find on 5G-enabled phones. Yes, as we foreseen in our of Motorola Edge, as all rumors have pointed out, the official of this phone in the US is $699.99.
This is much lower than the Snapdragon 865 Edge+, which costs $999.99, and will directly conflict with other 765 fighters outside of LG. velvet Sold at the same price, eventually pixel It is said that the mid-range Snapdragon 765 also has 5.
However, its biggest competitor will be One plus 8 The powerful and fuel-efficient Snapdragon 865 is included with the disc. It costs $800 at Verizon, but if you buy it directly from OnePlus without BigWave 5G frequency Big Red, the price is $700.

Motorola Edge vs LG Velvet vs OnePlus 8 vs Pixel 5 specifications and price comparison

Admittedly, Edge offers a slightly larger battery, a telephoto camera and more memory, and a larger display than OnePlus 8 for $700. However, this summer, when Motorola competes, it will be a tough battle for 5G mid-range . Edge finally this month.

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