Motorola Edge Plus Review Surprise of the year
One thing is missing from the specifications list (you can read the full Motorola Plus specifications here), but it is the official IP 68 waterproof rating. We learned from other manufacturers that this is an additional cost, which adds up to cost, so some companies are more willing to save. Motorola seems to have taken this path, but it does say that Edge Plus has been tested to the same waterproof standard.

Curved screen

However, the details are enough, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes, or in the smartphone world: the screen.

Its name and the DNA of the phone: the screen bends and tilts, and falls on the edge like a waterfall. This is the idea of ​​a curved screen. And, while this reviewer generally prefers flat screens, curved screens like this make the new Android gesture navigation and swipe from the side particularly enjoyable. Motorola also seems to have achieved some form of palm rejection, and we rarely encounter accidents while using mobile phones. For example, this is in sharp contrast to the recent use of Samsung mobile phones with curved screens. In this case, it is almost impossible to use a mobile phone without a protective case due to an unexpected touch.

Speaking of the protective case, we are happy to find a protective case in the box: a transparent silicone protective case that wraps the phone and protects the phone from all sides, while still allowing you to access the curved edges of the screen. We should also say that without the protective case, due to the eccentricity of the phone, the camera can hardly be laid flat, because it will shake eccentrically and therefore will sway. However, in this case, the imbalance disappears, and there is a small lip around the camera to protect the camera. Motorola still has small brand letters engraved on the side of the case, we really don’t mind here, just a little bit small.

There is a real drawback to having such an aggressive screen: looking at it directly, a small part of the screen overflows on the left and right sides, but is invisible to the naked eye. This is mainly a problem in the browser. On some pages, you just can’t see some articles that flow across the edge of the screen. Fortunately, Motorola is well aware of this problem and provides the option to add artificial borders to these “overflow” parts of the display in any application that has this problem.

Another thing the edge screen can do: edge lighting, you can put your phone on the screen and make the edge light when you receive a notification. cool!

*If you want to switch from Galaxy: One thing you may find missing is the “Always Show” option that does not exist here.

90Hz refresh rate, screen color and resolution

Motorola Edge Plus is equipped with a 6.7-inch OLED display, with beautiful colors and 1080p resolution, and with clear details. The screen has three different color modes, from a neutral color mode with a balanced color profile to an enhanced mode, which can provide you with a unique pop-up effect for OLED displays. The screen may not be as perfect as we saw on the screen recently One plus 8 and certain galaxies, but it is definitely still a great display.

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However, if we have to point out that Motorola’s only best decision on the Edge Plus is to use a refresh rate of 90 Hz, instead of consistently reaching 120 Hz like the S20 series. We saw how 120 Hz eliminated the battery life of the Galaxy S20 series, and here you are not experiencing this kind of problem, while still getting the main benefit of a higher refresh rate, boiled down to three words: “Butter-like smooth performance “.

You can go back to 60 Hz to consume more power, but we do not recommend you to do so, because 90 Hz is indeed a changer of experience.

Screen fingerprint scanner

In terms of biometrics, Motorola Edge Plus bets on an optical in-screen fingerprint scanner.

The scanner is placed to the bottom and is easily accessible. We found that registering your fingerprint is very fast, and then use it just fine, without many failed readings. We will not say that this is the fastest fingerprint scanner, maybe OnePlus and several other phones will be a few milliseconds faster than Motorola, but it is fast enough that it will not be a problem.

Vibration/haptic feedback

If we have to count the number of calls that skip high-quality vibration feedback in the past few years, then we have to do a lot of calculations. Apple took the lead in developing a motor with excellent, strong vibration a few years ago with its Taptic Engine, and we have to admit that Android phone manufacturers have been slow in this regard. However, Motorola Edge Plus has not made the mistake of a weak vibration motor: it provides an excellent, unique tactile feedback, and its effect is no less than Apple’s Taptic Engine. Good job, Motorola!


In terms of interface, Motorola has established a name for itself, this name is all about clean and fast experience, almost no expansion software. This is what we have: Clean Android 10 with some gesture signatures: quickly rotate the phone to turn on the camera, double-click to activate the LED flash, and so on. You can easily turn them on and off, but to be honest, we have no reason to turn them off, they work just fine.

We also like peeking notifications: notifications appear as icons on the lock screen, you can quickly tap them to display the message you just received, and then reply directly from the lock screen.

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And, if you want to know whether you can reach the top of the phone to open the notification bar, then you don’t need to reach it, because you can swipe down from any part to call the notification home screen


We must mention 5G here because Motorola Edge Plus is proprietary to Verizon Wireless, which means it fully supports the Verizon 5G band. Since Verizone uses only the high-band mmWave frequency at the time of writing, Edge Plus has all the necessary antennas and support to use it.

Unfortunately, we did not conduct battery testing, but the n260 and n261 bands are supported. If you happen to in a small coverage area, you will be able to get a sweet speed of nearly 1 Gigabit.

We heard some rumors about weak telephone signals in rural areas. We only use mobile phones in urban environments with good signal reception, but if you live in the countryside, you may need to do further research.


We must admit that when considering Motorola phones, we don’t necessarily think of an excellent camera. These honors are usually awarded to Google, Apple and Samsung. But it turns out that the camera settings of Motorola Edge Plus are very good.

  • This is what you get in camera:
  • 108-megapixel main camera with OIS
  • 8-megapixel 3x zoom telephoto camera with OIS
  • 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera
  • The fourth depth measuring camera
  • 25-megapixel front camera

One thing missing from this list is the stylish super zoom camera, in fact here, you don’t have a folded “periscope” telephoto device. Of course, if you really want to use the phone’s camera to zoom in as much as possible, then Motorola Edge Plus is not.

However, 3x telephoto zoom is a reasonable intermediate condition, and there is no periscope lens, which means that the camera settings can be kept within a more reasonable size range.

The quality of the image during the day is good, the details and colors are rich, and it will not look too exaggerated.

Video quality

On the video side of the fence, you have many options, including 720p, 1080p, 4K and even 6K video resolutions. The 6K camera is particularly brittle and beautiful, but you can’t zoom when shooting at this resolution (we still like it, and enjoy several together).

Most people should shoot in 4K, where you can use all cameras and get good stability. With such crazy 256GB onboard storage, you have to really shoot long videos to run out of memory. We are also very happy that in some cases we can also choose to use lower resolution video.

Battery and charging

Ladies and gentlemen, we saved the best part of this review last time. Undoubtedly, the best thing about Motorola Edge Plus is its huge 5,000mAh battery, which can stay lit when most other flagship phones do not drink juice.

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The battery life of the Motorola Edge Plus is crazy. Every smartphone manufacturer should pay attention: this phone can easily turn off the charger for two days. Having this kind of battery life will cost a lot of worries about using a mobile phone, which is a relief.

In our web browsing battery test, Motorola Edge Plus scored as high as 11 hours and 49 minutes, impressive, with a refresh rate of more than 60 Hz, which is the most of all mobile phones. In contrast, most phones that received this test failed to reach the 11-hour mark even at 60 Hz.

In terms of charging, Edge Plus comes with a simple power adapter that can provide up to 18 watts of power. Technically, it is a fast charger, and Motorola claims to provide “Turbo Power”, but this is far from the fastest charger. This honor will be awarded to devices like Oppo Find X2 Pro outside of China (read our full review of Oppo Find X2 Pro here), whose 65-watt charging time and recharge time is only about half an hour. However, Motorola Edge Plus takes about two hours to fully charge the battery, we found this to be a reasonable speed.

Motorola Edge Plus charging speed (18W built-in charger):

Within 15 minutes: 12%
Within 30 minutes: 27%
Within 45 minutes: 41%
Within 1 hour and 15 minutes: 68%
Fully charged: 2 hours and 49 minutes

Edge Plus also supports Wireless charging The maximum speed can reach 15 watts, and even reverse wireless charging. You can put another device with wireless charging function on the back of Motorola, and then use Motorola as a battery pack to charge it wirelessly.

Speaker quality

We have already mentioned that the Motorola Edge Plus has a headphone jack, and some people still like to use it on mobile phones, but the mobile phone is also equipped with speakers, which can produce impressive and loud sound.

One of the speakers is located in the talk speaker on the top of the phone, and the other speaker emits sound from the bottom of the device. Together, they provide a powerful sound and have a particularly clear and loud treble. This is one of the loudest and loudest speaker settings we’ve heard recently, the same as the excellent speakers on phones like Google Pixel 4 XL.

in conclusion

In the final analysis, the Motorola Edge Plus is… excellent! It is definitely a pleasure to use, fast speed, excellent battery life, and good camera performance. This reminds people of the long history of Moto Droid phones. If you feel that Motorola has lost the magic of Moto Mods in the past, and if you don’t mind the curved screen, Edge Plus can remind you of the glorious years of Motorola. It caused us great praise.