The 5th season of Money -which premiered on Netflix on September 3-has delivered the best result of this popular Spanish series so far, Netflix announced in a quarterly letter to shareholders on Tuesday. Netflix revealed that the fifth part of “House on Paper” well-known to Spanish audiences was watched by 69 million Netflix families in the first four weeks after the release of this season. This has surpassed Money Heist Season 4, which was watched by more than 65 million Netflix households during the same period after its premiere. The fifth and final season of Money Heist ends with “Volume 2” due in December.

However, this be the last time we see household indicators because Netflix will change the way it reports numbers.

In the letter to shareholders in October [PDF]Netflix also announced that the miniseries “The Maid” led by Margaret Qualley break the Queen’s opening record. The streaming service said that “The Maid” premiered on October 1, and is to be seen by 67 million Netflix members within the first 28 days after its release. To a certain extent, this is a in the continued growth of the total number of Netflix users. When “The Queen’s Beginning” was released this time last year, Netflix had more than 195 million members. Now, it has close to 214 million paying users worldwide.

Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, Margaret Qualy at the maid
Image Credit: Ricardo Habs/Netflix

Another major series of Netflix last quarter was Sex Education Season 3-55 million Netflix member families watched it in the first four weeks. In terms of movies, Jason Momoa’s “Sweet Girl” led by 68 million viewers in the first 28 days, followed by “Kissing Booth 3” (59 million), and the German action horror film “Blood Red Sky”. “(Blood Red Sky) 53 million, and home animation movie Vivo 46 million.

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Of course, compared with Netflix’s not only this quarter but also the hottest game of all time, “Squid Game”, all these numbers seem pale. In the letter to shareholders, Netflix disclosed the latest ratings data of “Squid Game.” Although Netflix previously stated that more than 111 million Netflix subscribers watched the South Korean series, it announced on Tuesday that the number was actually even higher, reaching 142 million. Netflix called it “incredible.” This means that two out of every three Netflix member households have watched Squid Game.

Squid game 142 million Squid game

Park Haesu and Anupam Tripatti in Squid Game
Photo Credit: Noh Juhan/Netflix

Unfortunately, this is also the end of Netflix ratings data in this way. Starting later in 2021, Netflix shift to total watch time-we experienced this last month. Netflix believes that “engagement measured by watch time is a better indicator of our game’s overall success and member satisfaction. It also matches the way external services measure TV viewing and provides appropriate credit for replays.” Although This makes some sense, but the total hours indicator does obscure the number of subscribers watching the show.

In terms of its value, Netflix said it release numbers “more frequently” outside of its quarterly earnings report, although it does not specify frequency or any content.