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What happens if you combine fantastic graphics, style, and input? Super Mario 64 Same gameplay [yes, we said that] Super Mario Sunshine? Okay, that's about it.

Maud Emmanuel A new Super Mario 64 mod has been released that can be played as a miniature version of GameCube's Super Mario Sunshine. The project's trailer has been released [above], which contains a super mix of the Super Mario theme and the "I Want You Back" of The Jackson 5. Didn't you expect it?

You can see the mod in action in the video below. Emanuar led us through the project, showing Super Mario Sunshine's early familiar position-who can forget the scenery of Delfino Plaza? -And the way the world looks and behaves in the style of Mario 64. may be as refined as the official version, but it's still interesting to see the two games merge like this.

When we discuss this topic, where is Nintendo's Super Mario Sunshine 2?

Thanks for the CM30 for the tip!

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