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You are not ready Fly rush arm. not quite, you are not. You may think that you are born, so playing will essentially make you fall into the anime royal rumble, but your eyes and reaction are not competent. not yet. It takes some to adapt to Fly Punch Boom’s crazy sporty - action level. Thankfully, it’s worth the effort and you will get a lot of It’s interesting in this process.

Imagine Smash brother Each character is a super-powered free Demi God, capable of throwing meteors onto the opponent’s face like a cherry stone. Now imagine that melee combat is determined by various QTE-driven countermeasures and paper scissors attack systems. That was a fist.

Each stage is constrained by four huge luminous elastic materials and is composed of weird space whales, towering skyscrapers and floating pyramids. Even if it is not very detailed, the artistic style is far beyond the scope of the cartoon network. Orbiting these cosmic wrestling rings is as easy as tilting the left Joy-Con lever, just press B to apply the afterburner lever. Flying towards your opponent, you can cry by hammering Y. However, pressing Y immediately before contacting, you will enter a flexible QTE, where the time of the button press and the nature of the attack (punch, strike, counterattack) will determine who can stand out.

If you find yourself stuck in an obstacle or some weird horizontal furniture, you will need further button prompts to evade operations after losing such conflicts, and to avoid deaths like “complete actions immediately”. You can also choose to keep the enemy at a certain distance and use Y to pounce on a large landscape.

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As long as you collect two shiny props, you can access a single super action through ZR, you can also send damage, and become a teammate with ZL. Need a lot of things. Now consider that each of these mechanisms can play a role in a five-second playback clip. There is no time to think in “Fly Punch Boom”, let alone press the necessary buttons.

Once you master the mechanics of the game, you will realize that it is really only suitable for local games. Single-player games are just a simple parade of arcade games, and when it comes to AI, the entire competitive QTE element does not prove all the appeal. On the other hand, it is difficult to find an online game.

Even if all of these are accepted, we still suspect that many people will rebound from Fly Punch Boom because of their crazy pace. Keeping up with all the button prompts is really difficult, especially when they constantly change the screen orientation. No anchor point or reference point can tilt your eyes backwards, which can get you into trouble. However, if you really insist on and use its comic style enthusiastically, you will find an exciting fresh and versatile sofa wrangler.

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