-owned developer Mojang Studios announced that Minecraft will jump to VR. Minecraft will be available on the platform as a free upgrade in late , although Mojang declined to specify the exact release date. This will be the third supported of Minecraft VR after Windows 10’s Minecraft (Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality) and Minecraft: Gear VR Edition (Samsung Gear VR, of course). Mojang pointed out that Minecraft PlayStation VR is based on the Minecraft VR technology of other VR platforms.

Mojang Studios Executive Producer Roger Carpenter said on the PlayStation Blog: “Once the experience is finalized, PS VR support will be provided through patches for the main Minecraft .” “Everyone who owns Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will The patch is automatically obtained. Download the patch and you will be able to use the new Minecraft VR features. Of course, you need to install PS VR to use it.”

Microsoft Studios producer Damian Finn (Damian Finn) Reveal On , the Minecraft console team has been supporting PlayStation VR since early 2020. Carpenter added that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic forced them to adjust the way Minecraft was developed, but the process was “relatively undramatic.” SkyBox Lab-also working on Halo Infinite-helped Mojang use Minecraft PlayStation VR.

Carpenter added that the Minecraft PlayStation VR experience will retain all the content in the basic PS4 version and will add many new settings. These include two ways of playing games: “immersive” and “living room”. Mojang did not expand its meaning, but if we guess, the latter may feel like sitting in a virtual room and playing on a big screen.

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Mojang did not disclose whether Minecraft PlayStation VR will also be used with the upcoming PS5. has stated that the PlayStation Move Motion controller, PlayStation VR target controller, and PlayStation camera will work with “supported PS VR games” on PS5. Minecraft for PlayStation VR can also be played with DualShock 4.

According to Microsoft, since its launch in late 2011, “Minecraft” has sold 200 million copies and has 126 million monthly active users. The company acquired Mojang in 2014 and subsequently became part of Xbox Game Studios.

Minecraft for PlayStation VR will be released in September.

How Minecraft looks on PlayStation VR
Photo Credit: Mojang