microsoft xcloud e3 2019 1

Microsoft today extended its Project xCloud service to the iPhone. Microsoft has released xCloud beta through Apple's TestFlight service, allowing xCloud testers to try the service on an iPhone or iPad. This is the first time we have seen cloud game streaming services on iOS, and Google's Stadia and Nvidia's GeForce Now are still unavailable on Apple devices.

"To comply with the App Store policy, the preview experience on iOS may be different for users testing on Android." Larry Hryb of Microsoft explained In a blog post. Apple's policy (which Microsoft did not disclose or explain) means that iOS devices can only use one title. Halo: Chief Chief Collection Microsoft said it has invited its preview of 10,000 testers to use it. The application is also limited to xCloud and not Xbox game streaming capabilities Stream games from the Xbox console.

It's unclear what Apple's restrictions are or why iPhone makers will continue to restrict cloud-based game streaming services from starting on their iOS devices. Google launched the Stadia service with a basic iOS app that doesn't support streaming, and Microsoft appears to be moving forward with tests, hoping that Apple will eventually approve these types of apps.

If you are lucky to receive an invitation to test xCloud iOS, it will soon appear in your email inbox. Microsoft says it will swap participants due to test restrictions, and hopefully we will see more games if Apple allows it.

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