Today Louisiana Entertainment Summit, Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, in partnership with Unity Technologies and the Economic Development Organization, Greater New Orleans, Inc., the Louisiana Economic Development Agency, and the New Orleans Business Alliance, announced that it will be held in New Orleans from April 21 to September 24 Hands-on game development camp, 2020.

Xbox goals
Game Studios Game Camp, powered by Unity, aims to inspire adults into a larger new world
The Orleans region realizes its potential through a unique gaming experience
Learn from industry leaders. The camp is open to all aspiring game developers
Skill level including artists, musicians, project managers and individuals
From many other disciplines.

Game camp
Participants will be divided into groups based on consistent interests and preferences
Develop platforms and co-create games in shared studios
Under the guidance of Microsoft and Unity mentors. Xbox Game Studios and program partners will
Promote seminars on various game development topics throughout the conference
program. The game camp will start with
At the Game Fair on September 24th, participants will share their games with them
Established industry professionals.

inXile Games is part of Xbox Game Studios, with studio set up in NSW
Orleans was founded in 2015 and currently has more than 40 employees locally. Jeff Strain,
Studio Head of Undead Labs at Xbox Game Studios, also recently announced plans
Personally fund and create a vocational school focused on video games

For more than a decade,
Louisiana, Regional and Local Economic Development Organization
Committed to building a business environment that supports powerful technologies, and
Game ecosystem. In addition to InXile Entertainment, technology and games
Company selects Greater New Orleans as main location for expansion
And grow.

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Xbox Game Studios is powered by Unity creator Unity
The world's leading real-time 3D development platform, providing users with the greatest benefits
Powerful and easy-to-access tools for creating, operating, and monetizing experiences
Real-time world. As part of Unity's participation in Game Camp, the company
Each developer will be given access to a Unity license,
On-site technical support and personal access to Unity's team of experts

Autodesk, leader
In the field of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, 3D tools will be provided
Camp participants, learning resources and workshops during this time

For more information, hear directly from the head of Xbox Game Studio at Microsoft Matt Booty, Governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards, and Vice President and Global Education Director of Unity Technologies Jessica Lindl:

The head of Xbox Game Studios at Microsoft's Matt Booty said: "Extraordinary talent is everywhere, but not has a way or means to pursue passion." "By participating in Game Camp in New Orleans, aspiring developers will learn How to make games in a collaborative and supported environment under the direction of advanced video game developers at Xbox Game Studios and Unity. "

Gov. John Bel Edwards said: "Louisiana remains a major destination for entertainment products, including our growing digital media space." "We are pleased to welcome Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios to Louis An. This state is hosting this exciting gaming camp in New Orleans. Video game development and other digital media production is an important part of our state's entertainment program, and it's a great opportunity for aspiring young developers to Align their skills with some of the best skills in the industry. "

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"We are witnessing a shift in the way economics develop, and it is absolutely necessary for those who want to join the workforce now and continue to join the workforce tomorrow, with real-time 3D skills." Technology Jessica Lindl. "It is vital that as we move towards a technology-driven future, we must empower employees with the skills they need. Work with Microsoft and state regional organizations to ensure that adults in Louisiana do this transition Being prepared makes a lot of sense, and we're excited to see the project created at the end of Game Camp. "

Details of the Xbox Game Studios camp can be found at xbox.com/gamecamp. Stay tuned for Xbox Wire for the latest news about Xbox Game Studios.