Microsoft’s Xbox app on iOS now supports streaming Xbox One on iPhone and iPad. The new feature allows you to remotely play games running on Xbox One on your iPhone or iPad. The updated application also brings other changes and improvements. This Xbox remote playback function in the Xbox app is not a replacement for introducing xCloud to iOS, but a of the streaming game that Microsoft runs on the console to the smartphone. This function is similar to the Remote Play application of Sony PlayStation 4. Microsoft already brought similar features to its Android Beta in September, and it is now part of the official version.

The updated Xbox app available on the App Store streams games to iPhone and iPad, as well as some other features. The app has also been updated on Android. After the Beta version was released last month, it is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

It allows users to set up a new console and queue up games, view and share game clips, and party chat with friends. However, the most significant feature is Xbox remote playback. This allows users to run games on Xbox One, and play games on iPad or iPhone through the Xbox app. As The Verge pointed out, it will stream any games running on the console to iOS devices via Wi-Fi, LTE or even 5G.

You can also use the app to install games on the console, uninstall games to free up space or browse the console without using the controller.

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The Xbox remote playback function can be used on supported mobile phones and tablets, and supports Bluetooth controllers. But this only applies to supported games. This will also allow users to stream games from the upcoming Xbox Series X. However, The Verge’s report states that older Xbox 360 and original Xbox games cannot be remotely streamed to iOS or Android devices.

Although this remote playback feature requires you to have an Xbox One, xCloud is a service that allows players to play games on their phones and other devices without purchasing a console. However, when using xCloud on iOS devices, Apple and Microsoft are not on the same page. Apple asked Microsoft to submit every application to the App Store so that it could be tested, but Microsoft refused to do so.

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