Microsoft hopes to move Windows 10 users from the regular panel to the “. According to a report, Microsoft plans to users to the Settings application when accessing users through the control panel in the preview from earlier this year, and now the latest Windows 10 2010 makes it an official version. It also pointed out that Windows 10 updates will also stop opening pages in the “Control Panel” and instead use the modern “Settings” application.

The Windows 10 October 2020 update is released with version 2009 and is currently not available to all users. It has made numerous changes to Windows 10, including migrating users from the “Control Panel” to the Windows “Settings” application. The Windows Latest report stated that the “System” page in the “Control Panel” no longer displays system information in the “Control Panel” window. Instead, it takes the user to the “About” page in the “Settings” application. This update also allows users to copy the information available on the “About” page.

The publication stated in another report that in the latest preview version, Microsoft removed the ability to right-click in the File Explorer and open the now System page of the Control Panel. CLSID-based IDs and third-party applications have also been blocked, and users will not be able to use Open Shell and Classic Shell to start the control panel’s system applets.

It goes on to state that Microsoft is testing a logo that will redirect users who access the “Programs and Features” page in the Control Panel to the “Apps and Features” page in the modern “Settings” application. Microsoft may disable other pages of the control panel in a future Windows 10 update. Microsoft’s explanation for this is that, according to the report, the “Settings” application already has the functions brought by these retired “Control Panel” applets.

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