has confirmed that it has suspended mandatory updates that bring Web applications to the Start menu without permission. The issued a statement saying that this behavior of progressive web applications (PWAs) showing up as tiles is an error and does not intend to do so. Microsoft hopes that fixed websites will be displayed as visible tiles in the Start menu so that can more easily access their favorite pages, but the error also began to display PWA in these tiles. Microsoft said it is suspending the migration to fix the error.

The fringe said that Microsoft has confirmed that it is suspending the migration of Web applications to the Start menu in this way. The update made by Microsoft aims to turn fixed websites into visible tiles on the Start menu to provide better accessibility. However, this change also converts existing Microsoft Office Web shortcuts to PWA. Microsoft called it a vulnerability and stated that this change is “an action you can usually perform in the Edge browser, not an action that happens by yourself”. To fix this error, Microsoft has temporarily suspended the release of this update.

According to reports, some users even rebooted on 10 devices without prior permission. This behavior of not obtaining permission before performing any tasks on personal devices has caused many Microsoft concerns about user privacy and .

After Microsoft decided to automatically install PWA versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on some Windows 10 devices without permission, it decided to stop launching the product.Affected users can pass Control Panel>Programs and Features or Settings Application>Apps and Features page.

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