Microsoft President Brad Smith said that the use of US technology companies as a springboard to hack into US agencies is “the largest and most attack in the history of the world.”

The action was confirmed in December. The US stated that it might be planned by Russia. It destroyed the software made by SolarWinds, allowing hackers to access thousands of companies and government agencies that use its products.

Hackers can access the e-mails of the U.S. Treasury, Justice and Commerce Departments, and other agencies.

Cybersecurity experts say it can take months to identify the infected system and expel the hacker.

“I think from a software engineering point of view, this is arguably the largest and most sophisticated attack in the world’s history,” Smith said in an interview on Sunday’s CBS show 60 minutes.

This violation may have harmed as many as 18,000 SolarWinds customers who use the company’s Orion network monitoring software, and may rely on hundreds of engineers.

“When we analyzed everything we saw at Microsoft, we asked ourselves how many engineers have engaged in attacks. The we came to must be more than 1,000,” Smith said.

US intelligence agencies said last month that Russia was “probably” behind the SolarWinds breach, which they said appeared to be for intelligence rather than destructive behavior.

Russia denied responsibility for this hacking operation.

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