Microsoft Outlook has been updated on iOS to support drag and between on the iPad using Split View. This update upgrades the application to version 4.60.0. When using split view on iPad, users can and images by dragging and dropping files and images from OneDrive, files, photos, Safari, and Outlook email attachments. In addition, due to the update, you can also drag and drop contacts from “” to the recipient list.

This new from Microsoft will make it easier to perform multitasking on the iPadOS Outlook application. The update has begun to roll out, and the new features are mentioned in the App Store’s update log. This feature was introduced in the iOS version of the iPad a few years ago.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft talked about drag-and-drop functionality in the release notes for version 2.42. For example, the technology giant said that users will be able to open their “Photos” application at the same time as Outlook, and then continue to drag and drop selected images and email attachments.

In addition, Microsoft also mentioned other features of the iPad tablet. Using iPadOS 14 and Apple Pencil, users can write e-mails, and handwritten messages will be automatically converted to text through Scribble. You can also delegate mailboxes, that is, granting permissions to manage email to others in your organization.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will also add an AI-based noise suppression feature to the team, which will automatically remove unwanted background noise during the meeting. The app already has a noise reduction function, but now users will be able to control how much background noise they want to suppress.

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At the same time, Microsoft Office will receive a one-time payment version for and Mac in the second half of 2021.

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