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New Delhi: Microsoft To accelerate business development in India, the company is pursuing a strategy to create a separate business unit within a large IT company.

Called ITS 360 Solution, this business unit helps IT companies sell a complete set Microsoft products-from artificial intelligence solution Business application — In cloud To customers who may be worldwide.

Anant Maheshwari, president Microsoft India, said in an interview with ET that the head of the business unit within the IT company will ensure that the local Microsoft office in that particular location will help launch the solution. This is a major change in strategy under which local Microsoft officials will focus only on sales of Indian operations.

The country's largest software services company, Tata Consulting ServicesAnd the third largest hydrochloric acid Technology is some the players who have already partnered with Microsoft on this program.

Maheshwari said that this is part the "One Microsoft" strategy, which is the idea of ​​CEO Satya Nadella. The U.S.-based company said it expects Microsoft CEO to visit India later this month.

Maheshwari said that Microsoft's Azure Cloud computing services are indeed in a period rapid growth in India, which has almost doubled by 2019. The company is now working on deploying new business in India, one which is IteS 360.

"(India) IT (Industry) is today an approximately $ 180 billion industry. As part this $ 180 billion, they can provide tremendous value in driving cloud solutions. This is when they go around the world to drive digital transformation What is being done. "He said. "They need cloud solutions, not only can Microsoft provide them with cloud solutions, but they can also provide very important value-added services such as data, artificial intelligence, modern office solutions (such as business applications, etc.)."

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Maheshwari said that these companies were not truly scaled before, "but they now understand the market entry power we provide globally." For example, one India's largest IT companies may be located in 10 different regions and wants to visit 15 different customers. He said that in each of these regions, a local Microsoft person worked with them to solve business problems.


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