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  • Shinola Detroit store "temporarily closed" sign.

With thousands of businesses in Michigan shutting down or reducing working hours to fight the spread of the coronavirus, countless employees who rely on payrolls are forced to stand up: hardly any salary or salary.

the most vulnerable are hourly workers in hotels, stadiums, airports, bars, restaurants and casinos. Gretchen Whitmer A lot of business Coronavirus testing in more than 50 people turned off at least on Monday until at least March 30.

As President Donald said on Monday, if the coronavirus threat continues into the summer, workers may not have been paid for months.

The consequences can be dire: defaulting on payments can lead to evictions, foreclosures, and shutdowns of electricity and gas.

State Rep. Isaac Robinson advocated a four-bill plan that would force evictions, foreclosures, water cuts, water cuts, gas cuts, and power outages for 90 days. In addition, he is drafting a bill that remove the period for unemployment benefits and expand eligible people.

"Because of the epidemic, working families and students in my area have been shocked by the high cost of auto insurance," Robinson tells Metropolis Times. "Every cancelled event puts my voter's life in doubt."

Jim Schaafsma, a Michigan attorney for the Poverty Law Program, said: "Mr. Robinson's bill provides a sensible, sound and humane public policy [more specifically, public health policy] to address several issues The greatest public health crisis facing generations. ", Said in a written statement.

Detroit Secretary Tyrone Carter, and other Democrats who helped draft and advance the bill. Brenda Carter, D-Pontiac; Rep. Jewell Jones, D-Inkster; and Yousef Rabhi of D-Ann Arbor.

Michigan lawmakers return to the meeting on Tuesday when Robinson and his Democratic colleagues hope to get the bill through.

"At a time when resources are being consumed at an alarming rate, it is vital that we take safeguards to protect the people we serve," Jones said in a written statement.

Leaders in communities and nonprofits are also lagging behind legislation. Sugar Law Center lawyer Tony Myers Phillips, a public policy consultant at Michigan Legal Services, said that without a safety net, homelessness is a very real possibility for workers who lose their pay.

Phillips said in a written statement: "As incomes decrease, people lag behind rents, and be deported and homeless, our homes are full." "The system cannot accommodate homeless people. Further increase. People living on the streets and in the dark, without access to shelter or clean water, will further exacerbate the public health crisis in which we live. A moratorium is the right thing to do, which will make us safer.

On Monday, Whitmer issued an executive order that temporarily extended eligibility for unemployment benefits. These benefits extend to employees who have lost working time to take care of their children or help their loved ones as a result of school suspensions, as well as employees who are sick, isolated or immunocompromised but have not spent time or been fired.

"Although we work together to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, we must do everything we can to help working families," Whitmer said in a press release. "This executive order put those who can't go to work and rely on their salaries for themselves and their families. The people who provide the meals provide immediate relief. I urge everyone to make informed choices at this time and make every effort to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. "

Robinson is also drafting a bill to eliminate the time for unemployment benefits.

"We need to remove the red tape and provide relief immediately," Robinson told Metropolis Times.

Over the past week, Robinson has been meeting with community groups and nonprofits to help some of the state's most vulnerable people.

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