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Medal TV Today announced the of Medal Trends, an analytics that collects from its PC and . records and shares short videos of people ’s games, making it easier to showcase highlights and other moments. Medal Trends uses player behavior to gather data to understand which games are most popular among its users. And because's focus is on highlights, it can stand out from other data platforms by showing which games are most often edited. CEO Pim de Witte told GamesBeat: "The original idea behind the trend was not to build an analytics business but to help content creators using Medal make a investment in the games they are committed to," "We hope to be able to Tell the creator, "Hey, we recommend building followers in this game, because it may last for a while." What really bothers us is that we will see the game ’s development trend in our game not The good platform promotes on Twitch and YouTube with marketing expenses, but only puts the creator into a state of fear of missing, and brings unnecessary risks to the audience. We've seen this on Medal, and we've seen it on other platforms as well, which is why we originally created trends to help creators take more informed risk. "

The medal points out that trends can benefit content creators and other industry professionals. And because the service is free, even ordinary players can use it.

"In the long run, we even think that players will decide the next game based on the development trend of the community, because as a person who has been playing the game all his life, there is nothing more frustrating than investing hundreds of hours in the community. Eventually died and gradually disappeared. "Pim de Witte told GamesBeat. "Such services have historically been unavailable to the public, or expensive. We believe that providing Medal Trends for free is the right approach, but as a company, we have the motivation to help make content creators who use Medal reach their audience more effectively. "

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