Although this is not an important milestone, Kirby founder Masahiro decided to celebrate the 28th birthday of pink volleyball on Twitter by sharing fun Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition The screenshots replaced the heads of Ganondorf and Cloud.

in a Follow-up tweets Below this, Sakurai mentioned that adding a new fighter to "Smash Bros." is usually very strenuous, because he always has to consider Kirby's copying ability. Obviously, every character in the game provides Kirby with a new ability, new appearance and special effects-meaning that Kirby is constantly updated like other fighters.

The first Kirby game, Kirby's Dream LandIt was released in the original Game Boy [Japan] on April 27, 1992, and finally a sequel was released in 1995. The latest release of this character is Super Kirby conflict On Switch . Kirby is also regularly selected as First character Written by readers of the Japanese Nintendo Dream magazine.

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