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twitter-logo Business today New Delhi Last updated: 25 March 2020 | 22:33 IST

Sensex and Nifty's single-day gains are the highest since 2009, closing up 6% to 7%, which is the same as global peers. With the passage of the pass, the boys of e-commerce delivery will be able to flash ID cards issued by their respective companies-Flipkart, Big Basket or Grofers, and can be locked nationwide for the delivery of basic goods. The Ministry of the Interior stated that due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the first phase of the 2021 Census and the update of the National Population Register were postponed to further orders. Read more top news on business and economics:

1. Sensex hits largest trading volume since 2009; what triggered D Street bull market

The breadth of the is conducive to the uptrend, with a ratio of 3: 2. Only 4 of the 30 stocks on Sensex and 11 of the 50 stocks on Nifty closed in red.

2. Flipkart, Big Basket and Grofers restart delivery today

When access is blocked across the country, the deliveryman will be able to swipe out an identity card issued by his company, such as Flipkart, Big Basket or Grofers.

3. Tightening funding after corona could force startups to close

As B2B and B2C transactions due to blockades and closures across the country, many start-ups may close sooner or later.

4. Government delays census by 2021 to update NPR in coronavirus crisis

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A 2021 census and NPR update are planned from April 1 to September 30.

5, Who and how many people are vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic

Identifying vulnerable landless workers, small vendors, tailors, hairdressers, construction workers, rickshaws / cars / Ola / drivers and many others is not difficult, and does not have to be after Jan-Dhan and Aadhaar Contact them.