Mark Cuban warns against returning employees to work

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban The company was warned Wednesday not to let employees return to work prematurely during a pandemic.

"It's not just a security issue, it's a business issue," Cuban said on CNBC's "turbulent market" feature program.

"How respond to this question will define their brand in decades. If you come in hastily but are sick, then you are that company. If you do n’t take care of employees or stakeholders and put them first, then you That's the company. "He added.

Cuba's comments came President Donald Trump pushed in recent days Backing the "open" US economyMaybe before Easter on April 12. Trump says he doesn't want Corona virus "cure" Worse than the problem.

Since then, Trump has tried to avoid his suggestion to "crowd the church" at Easter. "Only by doing good, we will do it," Trump said on Tuesday night. He added that he "has a lot of connections" with White House experts.

Public health officials have warned that getting people back to work before controlling the spread of -19 will be problematic. They continue to urge Americans to take social isolation seriously to stop the spread of respiratory diseases, and there is no cure.

In the United States, the incidence of COVID-19 continues to rise. As of Wednesday night, the country has more than 65,000 cases, According to data from Johns Hopkins University.

NBA Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban said: "There is no reason to be in a hurry. I would rather be cautious. I am not telling people to go to work under uncertainty."

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Cuba says that in the eyes of young Americans, dismissing employees too quickly to work may also be "unforgivable." "So taking care of employees is not only smart, but also business is good, and that's the way I'm researching."

During the pandemic, Cubans, who were always outspoken, made special noises.

After the NBA his season off, he quickly pledged to support hourly workers on the Mavericks stage, and the Mavericks organization was formed Procedures for paying childcare Medical .

Cuba is also putting pressure on lawmakers in Washington when negotiating economic relief programs, which they believe should prevent companies receiving financial aid from buying back stock. He has been arguing Aid must be designed to reduce inequality Between executives and workers.

-CNBC's Kevin Breuninger contributed to this report.

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