USA Today Investigated The automotive sector and noticed how many large SUVs and pickup trucks are not suitable for our mid- world. Buyers are having more trouble installing standard frames and municipal parking spaces on the body, and the problem could get worse. Danley's the newspaper when building the garage that four typical sizes were 18 feet wide by 20 feet deep, 20 feet by 20 feet, 20 feet by 22 feet square, or larger 22 feet by 22 foot squares. in case F-150 The shopper's house has the second-largest garage and they want to take the truck home for a test drive-the F-150 Lariat a 6.5-foot bed is 209.3 inches long with a gap below 15.5 inches at the ends and an eight-foot bed Reduce the gap at both ends to six inches, F-250 Super cabs or larger spaces won't work. Twitter user Owen described the situation as "full size? This price is crazy, and most don't even fit into its standard-sized garage."

SUVs have similar problems, Dealer The President USA Today, Tajo New suburb, And the new Suburban is a school bus. 2021 Suburban will leave approximately 7.2 inches of clearance at the ends of a 20-foot-deep garage. These pickup truck and SUV examples assume homeowners do not attempt to store anything along the road. The rear wall of the garage has no pickup truck ; Even if the length is ok, a truck owner said he was 88 inches tall Ford No access to the door opening. The problem is not just the large vehicles we are considering, especially when so many homes are built for small cars. This problem is not new, San Diego Joint tribune publishing A story in 2007 Ford Explorer with ura song MDX. In this case, part of the problem was that the city council advised builders to place two doors in a two-car garage because members of the council found it more aesthetically pleasing than a gate.

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Nowadays, some car owners are not concerned about the difference and are unwilling to their trucks on the driveway or on the street. Others, especially shoppers looking at the upcoming electric truck, don't like compromises. 231.7 inches long two reservations Tesla Cybertruck says they will seriously consider completing the deal if the truck is not suitable for their garage. A person in charge said, "I wouldn't spend $ 50,000, 60,000, 70,000, 80,000 on a vehicle, and then I would have to lay extension cords in a garage or external outlet." Tesla CEO Elon Musk On Twitter, engineers are considering reducing certain dimensions of the truck and adding air suspension to reduce height.

The parking lot operator started to pay attention and take action. In New York City, some garages charge oversized fees for large vehicles, while charging "oversized" for body pickups and SUVs.

However, as petrol is cheap, loan are getting longer, and buyers are always scrambling for more rooms or facilities, vehicles may continue to grow, leaving more garages for storage and walkways.

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