Many Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users are experiencing some horrible display issues

just in case Galaxy Note 9 The owner is not bothered by enough The possibility is getting bigger of A UI 2.1 update Jumping over their devices, an alarming number of face bigger .

The exact manifestation of the error seems to vary from situation to situation, but it is safe to assume that the problem is indeed related and most likely caused by the same potential failure. Although we will not call the affected 9 unit unusable, if you cannot see them after a few hours of screen discoloration, you will not be blamed.

Some photos shared by the affected users showed their plight, even painful for only a few seconds, let alone endure, until Samsung introduced some kind of repair method. To make matters worse, the company does not seem to be aware of the software-related root causes of these display problems, even though these problems seem to have begun to show up after the security update in March 2020.

On this point, the original gorgeous Super AMOLED screen must be completely messed up Galaxy Note 9, Turn it into yellow (or green), reduce its resolution, even when the strange color change occurs, or even make the whole randomly generate heat.

For the time being, nothing seems to be able to restore the device to a normal for more than a few minutes. Therefore, Samsung "product experts" recommend bringing the defective Note 9 device to the official repair center to check whether the defect is related to hardware. all. Again, due to the Corona Virus pandemic, this may not be possible in many places, which means that some people may be stuck waiting for software fixes … this will never happen.

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