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New Delhi: pharmaceutical companies Lupin On Wednesday, U.S. health regulators issued two comments after inspecting facilities in Madhya Pradesh.

Company inspection Pitampur U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationUS Food and Drug AdministrationLupine said in a document submitted to the BSE that it was completed.

It added that the inspection was carried out between February 3 and February 11, 2020, and ended with two 483 .

One FDA Form When the investigator observes that in his judgment may constitute any condition that violates the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and related laws and regulations, it issues 483 to the company management at the end of the inspection.

It informs the management of the company about its disadvantages.

"We adhere to the highest quality standards and compliance throughout the entire production process and are committed to consistently producing and distributing the highest quality products," said Doctor Lupin Gupta.

Lupin's stock is trading at Rs 702.60 per mad cow disease, down 0.33% from the previous trading day.

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