Luca It is an ode to friendship. This 84-minute Pixar movie was created on Disney+ by the director’s debut film Enrico Casarosa, inspired by his own childhood—— Luca to Casarosa’s best friend Alberto Surace, who lent his name to the deuteragonist and best friend of the title protagonist on the Italian Riviera in the 1970s and 1980s. Its background is the world after the 1950s and 1960s, because Casarosa is not nostalgic for the 80s (currently).but LucaIt is also a fantasy world. The aforementioned Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay, from “The Room”) and Alberto (Jack Dylan Glazer from “Shazam”!) are actually “sea monsters” , Was terrified and hunted by humans living above the surface. Although technically speaking, they are deformed amphibians that become fish in water and humans on land.

For Casarosa, this is the core because it allows Luca Explore what it wants to talk about. At its core, Luca Demonstrating prejudice and fear of the -and people like Luca and Alberto are repeatedly called “sea monsters”, we have never seen them do anything terrible-can divide us. You can also think of it as a movie about xenophobia. In an increasingly nationalistic world, this is a timely message in which people use our physical differences to discriminate against oppressed minorities. Or you can even watch it from LGBTQ+ lenses, as many people already have. Although Casarosa said it was not intentional, Luca It does meet the requirements. This is an story about two young boys in the 60s. They had to hide their true selves from everyone around them because they were afraid of their lives.

of course, Luca -Written by Jessian Drus (me and Earl and the dying girl) and Mike Jones (the soul of Pixar)-much more than that. In the new Pixar movie, Luca is a true out-of-water fish, he is fascinated by the way humans and the creation of nature. At the core of it is Luca and Alberto’s mutual love for Vespa. Vespa is an Italian scooter brand that became a fashion icon in the second half of the 20th century. Luca Also explored the importance of facing fear-reflected in Luca Gag through the running “Silencio Bruno!”—and the role of friends in pushing you out of your comfort zone. This is also to give them room to grow while helping your friends.

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All of this comes to life in Pixar’s most stylish animation to date-Casarosa & Co. talked about how they were inspired by traditional 2D animation, Japanese woodblock prints, a bunch of classic Italian films and works by legendary characters Hayao Miyazaki- -With the shiny background soundtrack of Dan Romer (the wild beast of the South), it is quiet and playful, stinging and epic.

From Luca For the family man, what is going to be broadcast in June

Below the surface, Luca Paguro lives a simple shepherd life. Except his flock is fish, because he lives in the sea. Although Luca’s grandmother (Sandy Martin, from Napoleon Dynamite) pampered him and his father Lorenzo (comedian Jim Gafigan) lives in his own world, Luca’s mother Daniela Paguero ( Maya Rudolph from the bridesmaid) is very strict and protective to him. She made sure that Luca always went home on time, and she would ask him every day if he found any “land monster” ship. One morning, after Luca encountered human handicrafts while out grazing, he ran into a sea monster companion Alberto Scorfano (Alberto Scorfano) along the crumbs. It turns out that Alberto lives on land, which is equally shocking and frightening for Luca, because he was told to stay away from the human world for life.

The curious Luca was also surprised and curious about his brief emergence. The next morning, Luca came back naturally to see Alberto, and it turned out that he was a little bragging about showing off. Alberto claimed to be the master of “human things”, claiming that his (missing) father had told him everything and that he had been alone for some time. But Alberto also believes that stars are fish, so it is obvious that he is trying to hide his insecurities on the surface. However, Luca didn’t know what could be better, he was too busy to be speechless with all human things anyway. This is how Vespa appeared. Luca and Alberto, who were amazed by a Vespa poster, began to dream of owning their own Vespa. They built a basic scooter to feel the excitement. There is even a dream sequence full of Vespas.

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All the love for Vespa may feel like Luca If this is not the case. Casarosa infused Pixar movies with the pure joy of discovering extraordinary things for the first time in childhood. When Luca and Alberto walked into the nearby human town of Red Harbor, Luca Introduced a shiny red Vespa, just like a romantic comedy movie in the traditional sense will highlight the heroine and the hero in the same room for the first time.This is the apple in their eyes, but it is also related to Luca conspiracy. The owner of the red Vespa, Ercole Visconti (Saverio Raimondo), was originally the bragging champion of the Hong Kong Cup, an annual triathlon championship involving swimming, cycling and…eating (because it is hosted by a local pasta manufacturer of) .

Realize that the Porto Rosso Cup will win them money that can be used to buy Vespa-it was interesting at first, because even the concept of money and purchase is foreign to them-Luca and Alberto and Giulia Marcovaldo, who have been at a disadvantage for a long time (Emma Berman) Collaboration with Ercole’s bully beef. When they started to prepare for the triathlon, Luca’s parents realized that he had already gone and started looking for him in the seaside town.

Rocky, Luca, MasterChef Australia and more about Disney+ Hotstar in June

Giulia, Lucca and Alberto Luca
Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Luca and Alberto’s introverted and extroverted pairing contributed to most of the early fun LucaAlthough Luca has obeyed the rules since he was a child and has a natural aversion to risk, Alberto, who is willing to take risks, is eager to take risks and rushes towards it in confusion.Casarosa talked about his own best friend Alberto pulling him out of his shell when he was a child, and Luca This is depicted in a joyous way, showing how two opposing personalities became friends so quickly. Giulia’s introduction adds an exciting third flavor to this combination, especially because she is written as a person who is always completely self-aware in a society that requires girls to be quiet, gentle and unnoticed. . Luca It also involves how children quickly become jealous or possessive.

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But in the final analysis, it will accompany them all the way—as the old adage says, friends in need are indeed friends—and have the courage to put themselves in a vulnerable position for the greater good. Luca Essentially it is about how some people must pretend to be someone they are not in order to meet the normally accepted standards.This is why Luca As an upcoming movie. Casarosa might not have done it intentionally—in fact, Luca could have told the fable in more depth, if it were set in this way—but after the movie was released, it belonged to the audience, not the filmmaker. Change starts with one person, Luca It is assumed that it can destroy the power structure, promote acceptance, and unite everyone. In an increasingly isolated world, this is good information.

Luca It will be available worldwide on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on Friday, June 18. In countries without Disney+, Luca Will be shown in the cinema.

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