Court officials announced Monday that all Los Angeles County court proceedings will be suspended for several days as concerns about the spread of the coronavirus continue.

According to a statement issued by Chief Justice Kevin Brazile, the largest court system in the United States will disappear from March 17-19. The court will reopen on Friday for "the limited purpose of hearing or dealing with a basic or emergency."

"The Los Angeles County High Court is committed to providing equal opportunities for justice through fair, timely and effective resolution of all cases. However, we must continue to bring our courts in with the latest instructions issued by our national, state and local public health officials and The guidelines remain the same. "" Let me be clear: we will continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups in Los Angeles County, including our children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, life-threatening and free people, and in many other emergencies It is possible and safe under the circumstances. "

Brazile has previously requested that new criminal and civil trials be put on hold for at least 30 days. The three-day suspension was approved by California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

On Monday, the Orange County court also announced that they will suspend all proceedings due to a public health crisis until March 27.

The Los Angeles County Court is expected to reopen on Friday, but may extend the length of the judicial process.

Three law enforcement officials told Time magazine. Jackie Lacey sent a message to prosecutors over the weekend telling them that all ongoing jury trials could be delayed by 30 days. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter frankly.

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The District Attorney's Office did not respond to a request for comment.

Brazile said in a statement on Monday that he would release more information on further reductions in judicial and court services in the coming days.

The announcement comes as California's criminal justice officials have continued their efforts to deal with how the spread of the virus will affect courts and prisons.

Last weekend, a Los Angeles County court official announced a suspension New York real estate successor Robert Durst.

Judges are also encouraged to turn to telephone lawsuits to reduce traffic in the district courts.

Statewide The court took a series of measures Responding to the threats the virus poses to jurors and staff, from delays in trials to temporary closure of buildings to veteran jurors.

Century City's criminal defense lawyer Lou Shapiro praised Brazil's decision, saying it was comforting to lawyers and court staff he knew.

"A lot of lawyers are really afraid to go to work now. If they have been living in fear, then there is no effective advocate." Shapiro said.

He said that in the long term, the benefits of a temporary shutdown would be more obvious.

"Because the disease is extremely contagious, how will justice be spread if it is spread around court staff and lawyers? If segregated, what kind of would public defense lawyers and criminal defense lawyers be?" Xia Asked Piro. "It's best to sit still for a few days or weeks. Finally, by taking a short break instead of letting things go and see what happens, the defendant's rights will be better protected."

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Michele Hanisee, the chairman of the union representing the local prosecutor, said the disruption could prove important for a positive trial and suggested that the judge could allow a review of previous testimony to enable jurors to prolong the delay Re-adapt yourself to circumstances.

"It's an unknown new territory for everyone alive. It's hard to know too little and too much. Everyone is cautious," she said.

Nikhil Ramnaney, the union chairman who represents the Los Angeles County public defender, said he believes the court should take early action because the virus can easily spread in court.

"I think they're finally starting to take this seriously … as far as my membership is concerned, how many people have been very, very scared in the last 72 hours," he said. "Given the convenience of social evacuation, this Is impossible. "

Ramnani also noted that suspensions are necessary to prevent proliferation among lawyers, law enforcement officials and others in and out of the county's vast court system, but it could also exacerbate the problem of imprisoned high-risk individuals .

"In the next three days, on what occasions must we ask for the release of very vulnerable people?" He asked. "For me, this is really a real problem … how do we strike a balance between our own personal safety, family safety and the safety of imprisoned people?"

Prior to the announcement, Ricardo Garcia, the county's top public defense lawyer, said in an interview with The Times that any adjustments made by the court must be in accordance with the Constitution.

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"In any case, we will oppose violations of our customers' rights," Garcia said. He noted that placing the defendant in custody was his priority.

Garcia said that public defenders are facing difficulties in the context of court closures, trial delays and a growing public health crisis.

"People are torn up now: they have two competing interests as lawyers. Garcia says the first is the desire to protect themselves and their families, the loved ones, and the second is their commitment to protecting their profession : Their customers. "