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So that is Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner showcase in July 2020 All packages- eight minutes have passed, haven’t they? -But rest assured, there are more sources.

In a press release about the details of the exhibition, Nintendo hinted at more partner displays in 2020. This is what Steve Singer, senior vice president of Nintendo’s U.S. publisher-developer relationship, said:

“Through this new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, we are very happy to attract development and distribution partners’ excellent games. This year, we will continue to emphasize the breadth of the game and various types of experience players can Use Nintendo Switch.”

“There are multiple showrooms this year”, eh? The press release stated that “the details about the next Nintendo Direct Mini: partner display will be revealed in the future.”

If you missed today’s show, please make sure Catch it here. It reveals a lot New content and physical version for Hyrule rhythm, The announcement New Goddess Tensei III Nocturne HD remastered Used for Switch etc.

What do you think of the performance? Do you want to see more this year? Please tell us below.


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