Rocky Episode 4 has the first post-production scene of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series, and the first season has two episodes.So if you miss it, it’s totally understandable, because none of the scenes in the first three credits Rocky plot.This is not a lengthy scene, although it is very important because it reveals the status of its protagonist, the god of mischief (Tom Hiddleston), who participated in a major confrontation at the end Rocky Episode 4. It also subverts our understanding of another aspect of jet lag authority.

Spoilers ahead Rocky Episode 4 “Nexus Incident”.

Rocky Inter-concentration credit scenario No. 4

Newest Rocky The plot ends in the Guardian of Time’s room, as Loki (Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sofia Di Martino) are in Laverna Rensselaer (Gugum Batalau) with her hunter The team has the upper hand. This happened in the presence of the Guardians of Time, and they were not interested in ending the small fight in front of them. why? This became clear after Sylvie threw her sword at one of the time guardians and beheaded him in one breath. After his head rolled down the steps and landed beside Loki, Sylvie picked it up, realizing that the Guardian of Time was a “brainless robot.”

Rocky Episode 4 Recap: The Chaos of Jet Lag Authority

This means that TVA’s real power lies entirely elsewhere. Sylvie was frustrated that her life—captured by TVA as a child, and then fleeing them and planning their downfall—had come to this tumultuous moment. Loki worked out the next possible steps, reflecting on Mobius (Owen Wilson)’s revelation that the tiny connection between the Loki duo on Lemantis-1 led to a different related event from what he had seen before. But before he confessed his true feelings to Sylvie, Ravonna stood up and erased him with a TVA light stick.

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This Rocky The behind-the-scenes scenes from episode 4 reveal what happens when you are trimmed by TVA. Or at least, what happened to a god like Loki. It turns out that he did not leave forever. In fact, he came to a new hell. This is even what Loki wants to know-“Is this hell?”, calling hell by the name the Asgardians used to call hell, and then adding, “Am I dead?”. The response from someone outside the camera was: “Not yet, but unless you come with us, you will.” Who is this? Rocky The 4th episode shows the appearance of the other three Lokis, one of which is played by Richard E. Grant, and the rumors are rampant.

Pride Rocky, Rocky Kid and Classic Rocky in Rocky Episode 4
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Grant’s Rocky is dressed in the classic yellow-green Rocky costume from Marvel comics.He was even identified as “Classic Rocky” in Rocky Episode 4 credits. The youngest of them carries what looks like a mini crocodile with rocky horns as an accessory, and is called Kid Rocky ( Veal). Then there is the black Loki holding a hammer-by the way, it doesn’t look like Thor’s Hammer at all-he is called “DeObia Oparei” (DeObia Oparei) in the game Rocky Episode 4 credits. Who are they and why are they all here?To be sure, they are also variants and we will be in Rocky Episode 5.

Rocky Episode 4 is now playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. Rocky Episode 5 will be released on Wednesday, July 7 at 12 AM Pacific Time / 12:30 PM IST.

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