announces IPad case with keyboard and built-in trackpad Today, it is better than Apple's new model. "Combined Touch Keyboard Case with Touchpad" has a "full-size" backlit keyboard, a touchpad underneath it, and a protective case that can wrap the iPad. The bracket on the back can be tilted by 50 degrees.

keyboards cost $ 150, half the price Apple's keyboard and trackpad for $ 299 +. But there are some key differences, the main difference is that they don't support the same iPad: Logitech's reason is Seventh generation iPad (Current 10.2 inch model) and Third-generation iPad Air (Current 10.5-inch model), and Apple's protective case only works with the iPad Pro.

Logitech's case is usually not as feature-rich as Apple's. Apple's protective case adds a USB-C port, offers a wider range of adjustable angles, and generally looks better for iPad. But for high-end keyboards that are paired with a much more expensive iPad, these additional features make more sense.

The Touch keyboard case does have an extra feature: the keyboard can be removed, leaving only a wraparound case and stand. This makes the iPad look a bit like Microsoft Surface-just a tablet with a stand on the back for adjusting the viewing angle.

Logitech's keyboard is powered by the iPad's Smart Connector and also includes a ring for hanging on the stylus.

The case will begin shipping in May. Apple also plans to start shipping its new keyboard case at that time. iPad trackpad support will arrive on iPadOS on March 24.

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