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Live your best truck life in these weird, cool trucks

The rap of this van is poor because it is a boring means of transportation, unattractive, and difficult to drive. The traditional view is that they are very practical, but because they have been replaced by crossovers, they are less important than ever. But the types of are amazingly diverse, from supercharged mid-engine to tractor-like all-terrain monsters. Some have neat features, some have terrible flaws, but they are all fun and some are even cool. Among the monster we gathered here, there may be a few worth reconsidering, and at least one is worth forgetting. But any of them should change your opinion on the reputation of the truck.


This is a brand new . Yes, the situation in Russia is different. The UAZ-452 series was developed during the Soviet era and was developed from military trucks similar to the Cold War jeep. Fauvism Volkswagen bus It seems a bit simple, almost farming. As you can show by the solid front and rear shafts [suspended by leaf springs], it is very capable of off-road. The closest similar model to the US will be the Jeep FC van, which is worth buying [it will get one!].

But FC has been around for a long time. UAZ-452 is still installed in the production line of the Ulianovsk plant, which is with a large 2.7-liter inline four-cylinder engine. Interesting fact: Although this engine is a large engine with an in-line four-cylinder engine, it can only produce 112 horsepower, because it will use low-octane fuel to operate, and the output of this fuel is equivalent to that of Europeans. Bounty. You cannot [legally] import or drive the new UAZ-452 in the US, or super cool SGR Combi Expedition model You can log in if you are already equipped. But they have been building them since 1965, so you will probably import a vintage one with a little effort.

Mazda MPV

MPV is usually considered outdated in the van market, but we think it is a bit unfair. Of course, this style of home is a large part of the reason for its smooth launch in the market. But it actually has many very cool features. First, it is an all-weather multi-purpose truck designed specifically for the US market from the beginning. This means that it is more suitable for American highways than the competition of Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan [the latter is so troublesome that they are all recalled and crushed] in a hurry to adapt Japan.

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MPV used a version from the late 1980s 929 Platform, rear-wheel drive layout and optional V-6 smooth engine. It has an appropriate four-wheel drive system and only engages when needed. MPV replaces heavy sliding doors, but uses traditional revolving doors on the passenger side. After a facelift in 1995, there was also a back door on the driver's side. More importantly, the style and use of its SUV / minivan hybrid far exceeds its era.

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Renault Espace

After the famous Chrysler minivan, Renault Espace is as important to Europe as it is to the United States. However, although Chrysler is cheap and practical, it is absolutely crazy to take a closer look at Espace. For example, the body is made of fiberglass and sits on top of the galvanized steel chassis, a construction technology obtained from the Matra car production line.

The interior has sliding, and rotating seats, giving an incredible configuration. The appearance of its space-age space shuttle did not immediately become popular, but a few years later, Europeans found that the multifunctional MPV became the winner.

Nissan Stanza Wagon / Grassland

Over the years, the infamous appearance of Stanza Wagon has not attracted many , and its minivan shape has not really become popular, but it should not be ignored. Stanza Wagon [sold as "Prairie" in other markets] has a special gathering trick, which really makes it different: the lack of a B-pillar. Open the sliding door and / or the front door, you will be greeted by a large amount of entering the interior space, but at the cost of structural integrity or side collision safety. Don't expect performance. A lightweight 2.0-liter engine did not produce 100 horsepower, and the rear end of the torsion beam meant that the handling [especially no-load] at the time was less than standard.

That is to say, the interior is a fantastic 1980s. All angles and orange surface of the instrument panel, the design itself was inspired by the famous Lancia Megagamma. George Jugiaro In Italdesign. Later, an all-wheel-drive version was provided, adding all-weather functionality to it. Overall, this is an innovative, space-saving, forward-looking light passenger car with wild characteristics that is worthy of appreciation even if not expected.

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Toyota Previa

The details sound better than the errand van supercar. The engine is tilted sideways and the gearbox is in the middle of the wheelbase. Supercharged, driving all four wheels. The body around this crazy powertrain is a little paranoid, oval, and low in character.

of Toyota Previa Although it is not a performer, it is indeed one of the craziest minivans ever. It is also not of great value, nor is it particularly space-saving. In fact, its extraordinary engineering design may be more significant than the success achieved in the market. In other words, there are not many mid-engined, blown all-wheel-drive trucks. This makes Previa truly unique.

Nissan Vanette

Just like all major Japanese automakers face the game-changing Chrysler minivans, Nissan made some minor changes to the existing truck-style vans and shipped them to the U.S. mainland until they could manufacture something that really fits the U.S. Market demand trucks. You know, the ability to tow a large number of items in the desert at a speed of 70 mph with heat of 120 degrees Celsius. Turn on the air con. Faced with such cruel demands, Vanette often caught fire.

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Yes, that's why it appears on this list: you will drive crazy. Blame it on the hasty modification of a larger engine for the US market, which is actually too big for the engine compartment under the front seats. It often overheats, causing oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold, which may cause combustion. Several recalls failed to solve the problem, so Nissan took incredible steps to buy back all the trucks. All among them. Well, they at least tried it. Most people accepted Nissan's offer and bought them at book value, examples were crushed. A few survived, not we suggest you find one.

Honda Life Step Van

This is a useful small cargo transporter for urban areas with close steps. Today, Life Step Van's cheerful style, reasonable shape and layout seem to be prescient. Watching Honda E's friendly retro look, Draw inspiration from the same era of Honda design.

Chevrolet Astro AWD

of Chevrolet Astro It's not particularly strange in itself, nor is it particularly cool-maybe except its normcore vulgarity. Like many things on the list, this is indeed a quick response to the surprising success of the Chrysler truck. Moreover, since no one is developing an all-in-one front-drive truck platform, automakers are only using what they have. For Astro, you can speed it up by immersing it in the S-10 parts box. But by 1990, Astro had an ingenious detail that made it unique: the available four-wheel drive system, which was quite advanced at the time, FF Development [FFD].

FFD is a descendant of Harry Ferguson [Harry Ferguson], a groundbreaking all-wheel drive car [and road bike Jason FF-For Ferguson formula— AWD coach]. By the way, FFD also manufactured the gearbox used by McLaren F1. Therefore, GM brought the AWD system designed by FFD into the pedigree of Astro. It also adds some extra weight to Astro to increase traction. The full-time system uses a viscous fluid coupling to distribute power from the default 35/65 front and rear to the axles that require extra traction, making the Astro AWD a useful tractor in severe weather.

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Jeep M678 and SV Vans

These are very cool variants of the Jeep-based FC series forward control pickup trucks of Willys and later Kaiser, which is based on the CJ series of traditional jeep. Brook Stevens [Brook Stevens] carried out the design work, which is charming and durable [ Powerful FC concept Designed for the 2012 Jeep Easter Safari]. However, despite the obvious all-terrain personnel movement function, the van variant never brought it to the market as a civilian vehicle. That is to say, the military bought some forms of vans [M678] and windowless ambulances [M677], which were eventually sold in surplus form, sometimes appearing in the second-hand market. The Swedish government has also built some places for its army. There may be some long-distance car manufacturers or decorators who have converted some ordinary FC trucks into M678-like trucks. That said, these powerplants may be unusual, and some powerplants use bizarre Cerlist three-cylinder, two-stroke diesel engines. It is strongly recommended to replace the traditional gasoline engine from the FC truck.


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