LinkedIn launched Hindi support on Thursday to expand its professional social network to new users. With new features, Microsoft-owned platforms have to support 25 languages ​​worldwide. LinkedIn stated that by adding new languages ​​to its network, it aims to support 600 million Hindi speakers in India and around the world. Hindi is supported for mobile and desktop users of LinkedIn. The company also plans to expand its new products by offering a series of job opportunities for Hindi professionals on its platform.

Starting today, LinkedIn members will begin to see Hindi in feeds, profiles, work and messages on the desktop and on Android and iOS devices. Users registered on the platform can also use it.

LinkedIn claims that the launch of Hindi is only the first stage, because it plans to “work to expand the range of job opportunities available to Hindi professionals in all of life, including more banking and government jobs.” The platform also plans for the next few years. More Hindi publishers and creators will be added during the week to promote participation and dialogue among members whose native language is Hindi.

“With the introduction of Hindi, more members and customers can now release greater value from the platform through content, work, and the Internet, and express themselves in a language they feel comfortable with,” said Ashutosh Gupta, LinkedIn India Country Manager. In the prepared statement.

How to use LinkedIn in Hindi

To use the Hindi version of LinkedIn on an Android or iOS device, users need to select Hindi as their preferred device language under the phone settings. If you have selected Hindi as your preferred language, the experience will automatically be provided in Hindi.On the desktop, you can click I Icon in the upper right corner of the LinkedIn homepage, then go to Settings and privacy > Account preferences > Site preferences > language.

It’s important to note that although the user interface and platform experience (including the navigation bar) will be displayed in Hindi, users will continue to use user-generated content, such as posts published on their homepage in the language they were originally created in. However, once you choose Hindi as your preferred language, you will get the “View Translation” option from which you can get the Hindi of the corresponding post.

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New LinkedIn members can also register in Hindi by visiting and registering a new account. Existing users can also display their profile in Hindi after a second language profile in the same language as their existing profile.

Users can add Hindi as their second language through the desktop.To create a second language profile, you need to click I Icon followed by checking data and then Add a profile in another language.

By adding Hindi, LinkedIn really hopes to expand its influence in India. In terms of membership, the country is touted as the second largest market after the United States, with 82 million members, which is part of its global 800 million member base. The company said that India’s LinkedIn member base has also grown by more than 20 million in the past three years, a year-on-year increase of 15%. Since the pandemic began in March last year, the number of engagement and dialogue on the platform has surged.

“Last year we witnessed high participation and membership growth. It is at this exciting turning point that we are strengthening our vision to create economic opportunities for’every member’ of the workforce and eliminate the language of Hindi speakers. Obstacles. The world,” Gupta pointed out.