Leaflet true ID driving license deadline has been suspended

The good from President 's briefing two days ago: The Transportation Security Administration is required to obtain a ID card by the October 1 . driver's license To board a commercial flight has been . No new deadline is given.

"When we asked Americans to maintain social distance, we delayed the deadline to comply with real ID requirements," Trump said.

In most cases, obtaining a driver's that complies with Real ID requires going in person DMVAnd this change should reduce the number of people who need to do this. In addition, including New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and several other states, some states have temporarily closed their DMV offices to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Real ID licenses are marked with an asterisk. Some states (New York, Minnesota, Michigan, and Vermont) have issued Real ID licenses and also issued special enhanced licenses, all of which comply with regulations. Washington State issues a standard enhanced license.

Unlicensed travelers need another form of ID, such as a passport or DHS trusted traveler card, to board the plane. It is estimated that nearly one-third of Americans have neither a compliant driving license nor a replacement ID.

The US Senate introduced a bill to extend the deadline by one year on 20. Bipartisan legislation is made by Senators Gary Peters (Michigan), Steve Daines (R-Montana), Ron Wyden (D-Ore. And Ron Johnson (R-Wis.)) .

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