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Super Smash Bros. One of Nintendo's most popular franchises, with millions of copies sold in the past few decades. popularity has brought an active and dynamic competitive scene, but so far it has been difficult to maintain parity with other champions in the e-sports field, such as Fort night with Overwatch. Like we already Covered More than once in the past On this site, it's because Nintendo doesn't use products like other companies to support Smash Bros.

Speaking after recent successes Crush Summit 9Juan Juan "HungryBox" DeBiedma, one of the world's leading Smash players, took this opportunity to call on Nintendo because it lacked support for the scene:

I know this might be a shot taken in the dark, but I'll try it anyway because there are many people watching. I really hope that if anyone at Nintendo is watching this show right now, or if anyone sees the excitement these scenes can bring and everything that comes with it, then give Merri a chance. Even if it is Ultimate, it also supports Ultimate scenes, and generally also supports Smash scenes.

Every day you have people streaming content, competing, and participating in games, and we all start at the grassroots level. We held this summit because they raised funds, which is great, but Nintendo I want to say, I love you, but you are the only ones who have not invested resources. Look at Capcom; look at that celebration. Watch other games, watch Fortnite.

This is the step you are missing, and if you do, then the culture you will gain is unparalleled, unlike anything you have received. So I hope you are listening, this may be a shot taken in the dark, but please support Smash Tournaments.

Nintendo has hosted competitions for Smash games in the past, but for each game and series leader, these competitions are usually part of the company's marketing plan Sakurai Masahiro Already Said before He is not keen on the spirit of esports:

The idea behind them is inconsistent with Nintendo's, because some of them are fighting for prize money … At some point, they are fighting for money, and I think the direction is not consistent with Nintendo's views on what games to play.

Nintendo President Furukawa Shutaro Support this view, explaining the lack of funding Earlier this year:

Esports is a game where spectators compete for prizes on the stage while watching a game, and it one of the wonderful charms of video games. It is not we who oppose it. In for our game to be widely used by anyone regardless of age, gender or age, we want to be able to participate in various activities. Our strength is our distinctive worldview, not a bonus.

It is worth noting that the 2019 Fortnite World Cup winner Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf earned a staggering $ 3 million for his achievements, while the 20th player in that session still left the game for more than $ 100,000. In comparison, DeBiedma won $ 29,315.30 at the Smash Summit 5 in November 2017, which is still the record for the largest single bonus. Super Smash Bros. Melee game.

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