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The game application is a dedicated platform for watching game live broadcasts. It was launched in April to attract competitors such as Twitch. This application was originally intended for Android users, and after months of review, it was finally launched for iOS users on Friday. Although the Gaming application has been broadcast live on the , it does not have the main feature for Android users-mini games. Facebook criticized Apple’s App approval process, saying that it had to answer the phone after multiple rejections of gaming apps in recent months.

Facebook tried to get Apple’s approval many times before completely removing the mini game feature from the Facebook Gaming iOS app. Apple even challenged the App Store guidelines in a new attraction program introduced last year for developers who were repeatedly rejected by the app. However, after this method also failed, the Gaming app was launched on iOS without Facebook’s Instant Games platform. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, told The Verge, “Unfortunately, we have to completely remove game to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook Gaming app-which means that iOS users have a worse experience than Android users. We always remain focused on building a community for more than 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month-regardless of whether Apple allows it to be used in a standalone application.”

Apple claimed that the Facebook Gaming application violated App Store guidelines to prove its refusal. It claims that the main purpose of Facebook games is to play games, and Facebook insists that 95% of the activity in the app is watching streams. “Our customers love the excellent apps and games provided by millions of developers. As long as they follow the same set of guidelines that apply to all developers, the game can be absolutely launched on the App Store, including the submission of games for review and appearance on the App Store. Charts and searches”, an Apple spokesperson told the publication.

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Someone also quoted Facebook’s game director Vivek Sharma as saying that due to strict Apple App Store rules, the company had to make some compromises in the past. “Even on the main Facebook app and Messenger, we have been forced to bury Instant Games on iOS for many years. This is a common pain in the gaming industry, which ultimately hurts players and developers and severely hinders others. Types of format (such as cloud gaming) innovation on mobile devices.”

Microsoft ended the xCloud test on the iOS platform only a few days later. The company did not give the exact reason, but the severe criticism of the Apple Store’s policy on cloud gaming may be the reason why Microsoft completely stopped iOS testing. Apple quickly put forward its own reasons, claiming that it “cannot review every game offered by these services.” The Cupertino giant clarified that as long as the game is submitted separately for review and meets other App Store guidelines, it will allow the game to flourish on the iOS platform.

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