We first learned about today ’s new Batmobile,BatmanDirector Matt Reeves shared the incarnation of the iconic book and car on Twitter on Wednesday and produced a series of polished promotional photos showing a muscular vintage style.

Like the DC series, the Batmobile has been restarted several times. The latest shot looks very evil, with a wide Stealth Fighter Defines the look of the Affleck era Batmobile. In fact, this may be the craziest change since the Batman movie specification, as the Christian Bale trilogyBatman Shadow Mystery. "

This one New car Lacks both the militaristic flavor of tumbler and the lack of Futuristic penis Defines the look of most previous batmobiles. In fact, this looks very traditional, if any. Cropping the pose of Robert Pattinson's stand-in photo (we assume), this can easily become a new series of "Fast & FuriousHero car.

Although it may not scream "Batman!" At first glance, this new approach may be exactly the car needs to help usher in a new era of franchise. Since Bale in "Dark Knight Rise"(In 2012, the screen phenomenon Tom Hardy also played Bane).

Consider us cautiously optimistic. Frankly, we are pleased to announce the release of the latest movie "Early Wednesday"No time to die"Already Postponed to fall due to coronavirus concerns. The person who solves the crisis is the hero we need, even if it is not the hero we deserve.

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