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Lamborghini Just released a set of and videos of the upcoming , which provides us with a clearer look. Orbit-only machines do look like Anwando, But obviously not much shared with .

The closest to Aventador is the naturally aspirated V12 engine. But this is ’s most powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever. Its power is 830 horsepower, which is partly due to the car’s aerodynamics and intake manifold. The car has a huge roof air intake shovel, with multiple vent holes in the hood to direct air to the shovel. At high speeds, components produce a supercharging effect, pushing more air into the engine than naturally inhaled air. The engine is connected to a six-speed sequential transmission and provides power only for the rear wheels. The previous report mentioned that SCV12 will Get the tricky limited slip differential.

The SCV12’s chassis and aerodynamics have other impressive details. Compared with its GT3 class car, the car produces more downforce, thanks to its huge custom carbon fiber tail and a series of submersible aircraft and separators. Lamborghini said that the SCV12 uses a unique carbon fiber chassis that uses other components, such as a gearbox as a structural component. The rear pushrod suspension is actually partially connected to the transmission. The SCV12 also has magnesium alloy wheels wrapped in smooth Pirelli tires specifically for Lamborghini.

In addition to cars, buyers of SCV12 will also participate in various driving programs and famous race tracks, and receive coaching guidance from five times Le Mans Winner Emanuele Pirro. Squadra Corse will provide technical support.

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Details such as price and number of units have not been , but since Lamborghini will launch the car later this summer, we have not waited much time. If the price of this car reached a seven-figure level reasonably, we would not be surprised. Previous reports have It is recommended to build only 40.

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