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Nowadays, "censorship bombs" seem to be more and more popular, Kunai Become the latest game for dissatisfied strangers to accept this treatment. If you don't know, the term refers to bringing very low and unreasonable user scores to on sites such as Metacritic, which lowers the average of overall user review ratings and therefore indicates that the game is "bad".

We have almost expected some major releases-both the main Pokémon, release Already Targeted On Switch, fans quickly accused developer Game Freak of every trick in the sun, Astral chain has also come under fire It's just for exclusive consoles-but the trend seems to be moving towards indie as well.

Game programmer Benjamin de Jager managed to discover that in Kunai's case, only one person was to be condemned, which is very unusual. in a Blog post On Gamasutra, he provided evidence that Reddit users had almost touted their antics of bombs and explained that they manipulated Metacritic's scoring system. "I made 200 different accounts just to spoil the game's score," the bomber said.

This image was shared on February 19th, showing that the game has a user score of 1.7 on Metacritic
This image was shared on February 19th, showing that the game has a user score of 1.7 on Metacritic

Some of the negative effects of this behavior are obvious-if you see many [seemingly real] users who seem to dislike the vast majority, will you spend money on the game? -But much deeper than that. Folks in GamesIndustry.biz Interviews with producer Bram Stege and Dotemu's head of marketing Arnaud De Sousa, who explained the "very stressful" impact of a censorship bomb. We have shared some featured quotes below.

De Sousa: "Censorship bombs are something we see from time to time. But usually not in indie games, usually they have a message behind them. Because developers changed something because online really It's bad-there's usually an agenda behind it. But here is just a random guy, because they can, so they randomly choose a game to review the bomb. "

Stege: "It's stressful. You want Metacritic's audience to be smart enough to see," Oh, they got 8.3 points from critics and 1.6 points from players, so be sure to improve . "You hope it doesn't affect sales. I don't know if it will affect sales, but it does create a lot of pressure. You've worked for this game for two years, put all your blood, sweat, and tears into it and then on Sunday afternoon, a person with almost no effort can raise your score from a positive high score to 1.7. It's very stressful. "

This also has an impact on the development of the studio, especially in learning how players like and dislike certain game features.

De Sousa: "We have been following comments. It's fun to get feedback … When you work in the game for two years, you get a vision and you don't always see other perspectives. Sometimes, We will see reviews. It ’s just that someone played the game for 20 minutes and gave 0, so it really depends on the quality of the review; but someone played for 30 and gave good feedback, both positive and positive. Negative, it's really interesting to read. "

The full interview is interesting, so we recommend you check it out Here If you are interested.

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