Lucky day: China Withdraws from Congress, 22 MLAs with whom he has close relations withdraw from Congress Madhya Pradesh Parts, Governor Lalji Tandon Said that he would closely monitor political developments and only Raj Bhavan In Bhopal.

Denton is currently celebrating Holly with his family in Lucknow and talking to the English news channel on the phone.

When asked if Governor's palace (Raj Bhavan) Keeping a close eye on the current situation in Madhya Pradesh, he said, "Yes, definitely yes. No matter what decision I make, I will do it whenever I reach Raj Bhavan. "

When asked when he would return to Bhopal, Denton said he would be on vacation until March 12 to celebrate Holi with his family. "At the moment, I'm an audience," Denton said. "When I get back there, I can only comment after seeing everything and people complaining about letters." The house. "So far, I'm meeting you at Huli's House," he said.

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