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Katherine's body

Many of Switch's third-party titles are often leaked through the classification committee before its official , and it now appears that another two have been discovered. Next are various lists, such as Metro Redux with Biochemical Strike Series, : body with 2 Collection Now rated as 's hybrid platform.

These lists have appeared on the Korean Ratings Committee. Interestingly, Katherine: the whole body is older than Recent survey Atlus shared information with fans who asked Japanese companies which should be ported to Switch. You may remember that this PlayStation 4 and PS Vita exclusive product is one of the games mentioned.

As for the XCOM 2 Collection, it consists of a base and multiple DLC packages. According to Listed on Steam, Which includes the following: Resistance Warrior Backpack, Reinforcement package, Selected War-Tactical Legacy Packwith Campaign. It's also worth noting how the publishers of Bioshock 2K games handled it.

As GameXplain emphasizes, any game rating usually indicates that the announcement or is not too far away. However, before we get more formal confirmation, please let us know in the comments if you are interested in one or both of these two games on Switch.

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