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Despite some Classification problem At launch in Australia, 2D horizontal scrolling slash & # 39; em Katana Zero One of the outstanding independent games of the past year. When it arrived on the Switch in April 2019, we praised its difficult hair-raising sequence, fascinating narrative, and impeccable style.

If you like it like us but want more, then the good news is that DLC [ earlier last year] is still in development. According to @askiisoft Twitter account, this add-on is now three times what was originally planned. Independent developers have also confirmed that it is still a "free" download.

This short update also mentions that Katana Zero vinyl is still in the works and many are making the audio perfect. If you have n’t played this game yet and want know everything about fuss, be sure to read Our reviews.

Have you been waiting patiently for this DLC? Have you ever played a game when it was released on Switch last year? Leave a comment below.

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