Since purchase Fisker in 2014, Karma The car made all the old Karma electric sedans, now the Revero GT. In the past few months, Karma was dissatisfied with the products to be delivered in the near future, and just revealed the E-Flex platform that the upcoming products will use.

E-Flex has been adopted to support the current range of Revero GT electric car (EREV), equipped with two electric motors on the rear axle and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder range extender BMW The engine is in front. Due to its flexible packaging potential, Karma said that the use case of "highly versatile " can be configured in 22 variants to accommodate five different types of battery electric vehicles and EREV, "from self-driving multi-purpose trucks 39; High-performance driving a car every day SupercarThe company said it will show the design of several mobile solutions and proof of concept vehicles in the coming weeks, which may include Pickup truck was mocked earlier this year.

The karmic plan is not to retain E-Flex itself. Just like Rivian on Amazon and Lincoln, As Volkswagen May be with Ford, As Canoo did Hyundai Motor, Karma hopes to sell the E-Flex to automakers eager to make short cuts in Jaguar Land Rover's billion-dollar investment. Electric car development of. The California automaker also called itself a technology incubator. The company said that the E-Flex plan is taking into account the "applications including autonomy, software and hardware, artificial intelligence, and advanced solutions."

Karma's internal products that can be used on the technology showcase include the above pickups and SUVs built on the same platformBoth are touted as demonstrations of EREV in large vehicles. Karma Cooperation with Pininfarina At EV development 2019, the collaboration created Karma Pininfarina GT So far, and think it will eventually replace Revero. The development of supercars may follow SC1 or SC2 concept Exhibited last year, the latter of which reflects the brand's new design language. Among all these, pickups are rumor Most importantly, the production version may come out next year.

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