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Get ready to enjoy some great Gold games in June! On Xbox One, save Sequin Land again in a ridiculous platform game Shantae and the pirate curse And keep your customers in Coffee talk. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One Through backward compatibility, the earth in a sci-fi madcap adventure Destroy everyone! And challenge your reaction in a fast-paced shooter Sine Mora.

Xbox Live Gold members will have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of their Gold game. With Xbox Live Gold, you can get the most advanced multiplayer gaming service in the Store, free games, and exclusive member discounts in the game-get Xbox Live Gold immediately to participate in or join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate It includes all these wonderful benefits, as well as access to more than 100 great games using Xbox Game Pass.

Shantae and the pirate curse
Embark on an exciting adventure with your favorite hair and belly dance elves. After losing magic power, Shantae must cooperate with her evil Avengers, Risky Boots, to save Sequin Land. Kill monsters, fight epic bosses, and get new weapons to eliminate evil curses on the land and regain magic in the process!

Coffee talk
When you serve hot drinks behind the bar, please pay attention to your customers. As a barista owner, you can immerse yourself in the story of the fantasy residents in this city in this soothing and relaxing game, where the development of the story depends on the various drinks you provide. When playing this timely character interactive simulator, you will be easily invested in the powerful narrative of the customer’s life.

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Destroy everyone! (Xbox)
When conquering the earth, experience the other side of the alien invasion. As part of the 137 Cryptosporidium fleet, various alien weapons are used to take over the entire human race through land or air. When you take a big step towards humans, use a firearm gun, throw cows, and even pretend to be weak people.

Sine Mora (Xbox 360)
Time is the ultimate factor. Rather than the traditional health bar, this old-fashioned shooting style is different by focusing on mass destruction and time manipulation. With an elaborate stage and challenging stories and arcade modes, you will test your abilities through an excellent entry. shmup Types of.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate



$ 14.99

$ 1

Get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold at a low monthly price, and more than 100 high-quality consoles and PC games. As the game continues to add, there will always be something new to play. There are many types of games of each type, and everyone has them. Enjoy exclusive member benefits and discounts. . In addition, enjoy free privileges, including content in the game, consumables and partner discounts. Play with friends on the most advanced multiplayer network and your next favorite game.

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Use the active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs (excluding Windows 10 and ARM devices in S mode). Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Game Pass for consoles, Xbox Game Pass for PC, Xbox Live Gold and other benefits.

Note: Purchase of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will automatically upgrade your existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and its conversion rate is based on the remaining days. To understand how it works, please visit www.xbox.com/gamepass. Future code exchanges must also follow the conversion rate. Conversion rates may change. All conversions to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are final: after the conversion, you cannot revert the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership back to the previous membership. Each account can be redeemed for up to 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate once, including any time conversion from Xbox Live Gold and / or Xbox Game Pass (for PC or console).

The game name and number will change with time and country. Unless membership is cancelled, membership fees will continue to be charged at the prevailing price (subject to change; plus applicable taxes and fees). Cancel any time to stop charging for the next booking; see account..com/services. Before purchasing accessories, DLC, consumables, virtual currency or subscription (sold separately), please note: if your membership is terminated or the game is removed from the catalog, you must reactivate your membership or purchase the game separately to continue using These items. ISP fees may be charged. Age restrictions apply. The Xbox Game Pass discount is based on the price of the Microsoft Store and cannot be combined with other offers or exchanged for cash. The discount offer does not include titles within 30 days from the date of publication and does not apply to certain titles. The number and content of Perks vary with the region, platform and time, and must be exchanged within the specified time frame. Services, functions and requirements may be changed or eliminated. Comply with the Microsoft Service Agreement (microsoft.com/msa). For PC: need to download the application, download Windows updates and storage (xbox.com/pcgamesplan). System requirements vary from game to game; high-end systems can expand performance.

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Log in to get available quotes. Promotional offers may not be valid for all members and are only available for a limited time. In Japan, only users over the age of 18 can purchase Xbox Game Pass. Offers are not valid in Russia; other geographic restrictions may apply. After the promotion period, unless cancelled, the subscription will continue to be charged at the normal price at that time (subject to change). Plus applicable taxes

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