Two people familiar with the matter said that when Chase tried to resolve racism within the company, it was removing such as “blacklist”, “” and “subordinate” from its internal technical materials and code. One of the sources said that these terms have already appeared in certain technical policies, standards and control procedures of the bank, and in the program code that runs certain processes. Other companies such as Twitter and GitHub have adopted similar changes due to the renewed racism following the death of black black George Floyd (George Floyd) in custody in Minneapolis in May. People’s attention.

In some programming languages ​​and computer hardware, the phrases “master” and “slave” code or drivers are used to describe a part of the control of another device or process.

“Blacklist” is used to describe items that are automatically rejected, such as a list of websites banned by the company’s network security department. “Whitelist” means the opposite-a list of items that are automatically approved.

Floyd’s death triggered a re-examination of words that might be ethnically colored. For example, some estate agents no longer use the term “master bedroom”, and Universal Music Group’s “Republic Records” no longer uses the term “urban” to describe music genres and internal departments or roles.

JPMorgan seems to be the first person in the financial sector to remove most of the references to these racially questionable phrases. Prior to this, JPMorgan said it would take other measures to promote anti-bias culture training for black professionals and employees.

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Mattan Griffel, a programming professor at Columbia School, said such terms have long been controversial and may be difficult to change.

Griffel said that the that supports bank operations is usually the merged company. The spaghetti-like chaos caused by decades-old code and third-party systems can have unpredictable chain effects.

Griffier said that changing these terms within the bank code may require millions of dollars and months of work.

Griffier said this is not a trivial investment by the bank. “This language and terminology is so ingrained. It must (change) and it is as good now as ever.”

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