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If you convert JPG to PDF, there are two benefits-you can compress the PDF file to get a smaller file size than JPG. Doing so will retain the original quality of the PDF file instead of JPG. In addition, you may want to convert image files to PDF, because many scanned pages are usually saved in JPG format, which is not suitable for reading. Please follow this guide because we tell you how you can convert JPG to PDF.

Convert JPG to PDF via website

The first method allows you to convert JPG files to PDF online. The best part is that works fine on all major platforms including Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to and select Picture to PDF.
  2. On the next screen, select JPG to PDF.
  3. Next, choose Select the file Then select the file to be converted.
  4. Wait for the file to upload. After uploading, click exchange. After the conversion is complete, click download.

Convert JPG to PDF offline

If you want to specifically convert JPG files to PDF on your computer, this method allows you to do this on Mac or Windows without installing third-party applications. Follow these steps.

  1. If you are using a Mac computer, please open the JPG file in the following location: Preview.
  2. Next, click file >Select from the drop-down menu Export to PDF. Now, edit the name and the jpg extension> click save.
  3. If you use Windows 10, please open the JPG file and enter the “print” command, that is Ctrl + P.
  4. In the printer settings, select Microsoft print to PDF. Check the required photo size and suitable PDF, then click print.
  5. On the next page Input file name > Select location Where you want to save the file> click save.
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Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone

  1. Download photo PDF from the App Store: Scanner Converter.
  2. turn on The application, then click Camera Roll.
  3. just now, Select Image What you want to convert>click select. After processing the image, click Create PDF.
  4. On the next page Enter name PDF files. If necessary, set the direction and margin. After setting, click Create PDF.
  5. After creating a PDF document, select >click share >Select Save to file.
  6. Now, the converted file will be saved in the “File” app on the iOS device.

Convert JPG to PDF on Android

  1. Download DLM Infosoft’s image to image to PDF converter from Google Play.
  2. After installing the app, turn on On the home screen, tap +icon At the bottom> Select JPG file You want to convert.
  3. After making your selection, click PDF icon In the upper right corner> enter PDF details> click is good.
  4. Your new PDF file will be saved on the phone. Although this app does contain annoying ads, works perfectly.

By following these simple methods, you can easily convert any JPG file into a PDF document immediately.

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