Following the news Cooing world Will get super rare games Physical release On the Switch, PM Studios has now announced a hard copy Linger [Former name Hover: Player's Resistance] For the same hybrid platform.

Pre-orders for a physical copy of this futuristic open parkour game are only available at PM Studios store It costs $ 29.99. All pre-order customers will get a discount of $ 5.00 [17%], bringing the game down to $ 24.99. There are a total of 5,000 units, so if you've been stuck with this version, protect your copies where possible.

Hover box art

If you need to review the game, this game was developed by the small French independent developer Midgar Studio and started on Kickstarter. It's by Sega's games Jet radio Series and EA Dice Mirror's Edge game. Actually, Jet Set Radio composer Hideki Naganuma even contributed some EDM-style tracks.

Is this the actual release you've been waiting for? Have you played the digital version? Leave a comment below.

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