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Daisy Ridley plays Rey in The of .


Rey's Parental Identity Star wars The universe seems to have been answered by Ryan Johnson The Last Jedi: They are nameless punk-dirty trash merchants who sold her on slave planet Jakku to make money.

But J.J. Abrams's follow-up, The rise of SkywalkerProvided a second clear answer: Rey's father had a relationship with Emperor Palpatine and was later clarified that Failed clone By The novelty of the movie. Rey's parents abandoned her to protect her from the evil grandfather.

Talking College screening Last week (By collider) Later, Abrams talked about why he and writer Chris Terrio chose to effectively retell that element of the story.

"I think one of the themes of The Last Jedi is that no matter where you come from, anyone can be anyone," Abrams said.

"And I don't know if it will resonate with everyone, but I think a lot of people appreciate it, and don't think it comes from where you are not particularly excited about following or being proud of."

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However, Abrams wanted to take Rey to a darker place.

"Although I fully understand that" you are nobody "is a devastating thing, the more painful and more shocking thing for me is that you come from the place.

"And, do you feel that the thing you know is part of you and is bothered by you, is this your destiny? And, as Luke said, thinking that things are stronger than blood is an idea, for us Say something important. "

The rise of Skywalker includes a few elements that seem to reshape its predecessor: the reduced role of Roseteco Criticism of unfair deletion, And the unexpected return of Palpatine after the death, the title of the top leader of "Kylo Ren" won.

You can view these retcons and more by streaming "Rise of the Skywalker" Use numbers now. Or, even better watch Johnson ’s Come out.

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