The thing about weddings is that they feel divorced from reality. That's why I reject what an old roommate Kevin from the university said. He insisted: "That's important." He shared that he participated in an episode for me Brooklyn nine nine, An online police comedy starring Andy Sandberg and Terry Cruise. The main problem is: it never happened.

Kevin and I haven't seen each other in five years, maybe there is still more time. It was the wedding of a mutual friend in Dallas. As we roamed the campus and used the weed smoke to scent the dorm room, we laughed all night long, reflecting our undergraduate birthday. There are many things to catch up with, including obviously my minor. I've been a bad compliment for a long time, but that's not why I sat there and said nothing. I'm really confused. Did I appear in a popular TV series and be forgotten? Soon, Kevin moved on.

It wasn't until a few days later that I planned to investigate and return home to clean the tequila. I have to admit that the facts that Kevin claims are not entirely impossible. Once, during my adolescence in Los Angeles, I was the leader in UPN sitcoms Mosha [For a non-speaking character, I was paid $ 75 for this]. In 2018, I appeared in a Explanation. But I will remember the Hollywood blockbuster in 2014 … 28-year-old adult man … Correct?

Right there-Aside from the mugshot smiling at me: "Jason Parham is a famous actor Brooklyn nine nine [2013] and Explanation [2018]. According to the description, I played the role of "perp" in the first episode of the season.

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You must understand the irony of all these aspects. I'm a black man, 6 feet [about 215 pounds] tall, and I often believe that some part of society sees me as the wrong person. The thought licked my brain. On twitter i Laugh at racism. Over and over, I scanned every inch of the page to find out who I am on the Internet. I burst into a nervous laugh.

However, most of the time, I want to know how this happened. Is this a simple mistake, or something else? Just like the writer and words, the actor is the of work-shouldn't real men be praised? Is it possible that he knew the error and didn't care? Does he pretend to be me? This may not be interesting. It could mean everything.

Except for the name, it is difficult to know exactly who I am looking for-"Jason Param Actor" does not provide reliable images, and there are only 4 results on Google, all pointing to Explanation. Internet footprint does not exist.

As for Brooklyn nine nine The plot itself, it only presents more puzzles. There seem to be twelve people suitable for the role. I paid particular attention to a scene that freezes a group of people imprisoned behind a prison bar, looking for my face. Is this another Jason?

Naturally, I thought he would resemble me in some way-brown, relatively tall skin-but that was also wrong. When I spoke with an NBC spokesperson, they said that the only unnamed show appeared in the first three minutes of the show, with Rosa [Stephanie Beatrice] and Jack [Samberg] chasing one in the stairwell. Guy. I played back the scene again and again, the face of a stranger roared at me on the TV screen. We don't share any of the same features. This Jason Parham is an ordinary man with a goatee. I wonder if there are other fragmented clips on my internet-where am I? How many other Jason Parhams are there? [Based on US 63]

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By Rebecca French

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