iThemes Security Pro does not work Turning on or off the options in a simple way shows you a series things that make your website safer. WordPress security plugin These steps are simplified and instructions for each operation are provided, so you can accurately understand what is happening on the site. To use a security plug-in, you don’t have to be a security expert.

Demo iThemes Security Pro WordPress plugin

iThemes Security Pro WordPress plugin features

  • WordPress violence protection
    Use WordPress brute force protection to limit the number failed login attempts allowed for each user. If someone tries to guess your password, after a few attempts, they will be locked out.
  • File change detection
    If someone manages to enter your website, they may add, delete or change files. Get email alerts showing recent file changes so you can know if you have been hacked.
  • 404 detection
    If a bot is your site for vulnerabilities, it will generate many 404 errors. After setting the limit, iThemes Security will lock the IP (20 errors occur within 5 minutes by default).
  • Strong password enforcement
    Set which user levels (administrator, editor, user, etc.) on the site require strong passwords. Strong password enforcement is one the best ways to lock WordPress.
  • Lock bad users
    If the failed user has too many failed login attempts, generated too many 404 errors, or is included in the robot blacklist, please keep it away from your site.
  • Leave mode
    Haven’t made changes to your website 24 hours a day? Strengthen WordPress by not being able to access the WordPress dashboard for a certain period time so that others cannot sneak in and try to make changes.
  • Hide login name and administrator
    Change the default URL the WordPress login area so that the attacker does not know where to look. This feature also helps customers remember their login link.
  • database backup
    Schedule a database backup and email it to you. Or, you can get our WordPress backup plugin to enhance your backup game. Take a complete backup and send it to the offsite storage destination.
  • E-mail notification
    When there are too many failed logins or a file on a certain site is changed and someone is locked out, they will get an email notification.
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Download iThemes Security Pro WordPress plugin

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Download iThemes Security Pro WordPress plugin