Italy’s competition watchdog has investigated the services of Apple, Google and .

The competition and market authority said on Monday that it has conducted a total of six investigations into Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox online storage services in response to complaints about unfair business practices and violations of the country’s consumer protection directives. In one case, it is also studying “annoying clauses” in contracts.

The regulator said it was investigating whether the three companies failed or did not adequately indicate how they will collect user data and use it for commercial purposes. It is also checking whether Dropbox has failed to provide clear, accessible information on how users can get rid of contracts or seek out-of-court dispute resolution.

Apple, Google and Dropbox did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Prior to the investigation in Italy, EU regulators made greater efforts to clarify the information used by fine print technology companies in their terms and conditions of service so that consumers can better understand how their information is used. Last year, Facebook updated its terms of service to clarify how to respond to pressure from European regulators to profit from user data.

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