Apple has notified its employees that its store will be early May. This applies to every Apple Store in the United States. Deirdre O & # 39; Brien, head of Apple ’s retail business, stated that they are: “Continue to monitor the local conditions of each Apple device every day” and will make “after a thorough and thoughtful review and the latest guidance from local and the public The decision to reopen. experts. "

According to the latest memo issued by Apple to employees, all Apple stores will be closed until the beginning of May. A previous memo released last week indicated that as local conditions improve, some Apple stores may reopen in mid-April. In any case, Apple will adopt a social alienation policy similar to that implemented in during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is the complete memo:

Thanks to all our teams for staying in touch, supporting each other and keeping our Apple family as innovative and compassionate as ever-in a good and challenging team.

I will share the latest information about Apple ’s COVID-19 response in the United States. Currently, we expect all offices to maintain flexible work arrangements and all retail stores will be closed until early May. We will continue to monitor the local conditions of each Apple facility on a daily basis, and we will make a decision to reopen based on thorough, thoughtful reviews and the latest guidelines from local government and public health experts. As always, you can check the personnel website for the latest information.

I would also like to thank our COVID-19 response team, which has done a great job in evaluating how COVID-19 affects everyone at Apple and ensuring that we take all steps to protect the health and safety of the community. The senior management team meets every day and coordinates closely with the various teams in the company, and we have passed a public health crisis that affects every place and everyone.

No matter where you are, I want to emphasize that Apple ’s focus is to support you. Whether it is caring for a loved one, caring for a child, or facing health challenges, our goal is to ensure that everyone has flexibility, support systems and resources, and maintain physical and mental health. We know that many parents are balancing the relationship between home school education and work, and our team is studying options to ensure that parents have support and flexibility to adjust the schedule as needed. We encourage all team members to open with their managers, understand the challenges they face, and ask them if and when they need flexibility—we hope our managers know they have the right to adapt to the specific needs of their team members.

In the spirit of caring for myself and each other, I want to remind everyone of the "Employee Assistance Program." EAP has so many resources, including consulting, financial guidance and other working life tools, can help you guide and support you in difficult times. We are at your service 24/7, which again reminds you of the depth of available resources.

Finally, I know that all of us extend our best wishes to the sick Apple family members. We are a global community, and each of us is affected by each other ’s suffering. Please know that our ideas will always be with you.

Thank you for everything you bring to Apple, and thank you for the positive, sympathetic and teamwork role models you set for each other and the world. Goodbye.


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