What we think is crazy, can be traced back to the innocent days before the pandemic, it seems a bit strange today. Take NazcaFor example- the Daytona 500 in 2020? We thought this was a crazy journey, as if it happened five ago. In fact, this was only 45 days ago. It starts with a loud noise. To be precise, a water curtain, like a rain tsunami, stopped the game after 20 laps and resumed the game the next day.

The next day things went crazy. Joey Logano walked only 17 laps and caused a crash. The crash gathered many areas, including some competitors. The race was almost over, and Logano himself was hit by an apron by Ross Chastain, violently lost control, and knocked down some other cars in the process, emitting sparks and smoke from his body. This pushed the race to overtime and the hit the grass when it restarted. After another restart, the game became a fierce duel between Ryan Newman and Denny Hamlin on the final lap.

You may remember what happened next: Ryan Blaney ’s late push pushed Newman into a heartbreaking crash Corey RajoyThe No. 32 car flew into the air again, and his car landed on the roof. Britney was not caught up, but Hamlin caught him -0.014 seconds, Almost the closest end point in the history of Daytona 500. But everyone's eyes were focused on Newman. Newman was taken to the hospital. Although the situation was serious, he was ultimately not life-threatening. In another era, this will be the end of spoilers.

Thankfully, Newman recovered. He was knocked down by the impact and hurt his brain. LaJoie's car actually hit his seat. But he was discharged after 42 hours in the hospital. He said he would return to the driver's seat. This is late February. A few days later, the coronavirus began to become more and more serious in the United States, and we all know the results. By mid-March, NASCAR had already Postpone all activities. At the time of writing, except for online, Newman [or anyone else] does not seem to participate in the competition soon.

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