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Is Pontiac Aztec really that bad? Retrospective

is not tolerant of Aztec. 20 years after launch, you will still hear people call it One of the least attractive cars in history. Today, most people know that this is the of a chemistry teacher turning into a methyl cooker Walter White on a popular TV show breaking . You know, a white man in the world sells for $ 50 without the slightest concern. Over the years, the Aztecs have even caused curiosity. why? Because if you can surpass its external appearance, then Pontiac is a good prototype crossover, and may even be an important and pioneering crossover. This will help usher in an active outdoor lifestyle trend and provide a lesson for the industry after this trend dies.

, where do the Aztecs come from? Everything started in the mid-1990s, when a group of General Motors asked if you mixed Camaro With the S10 pickup, the company's top management decided to place it on the minivan platform. The team Must do With this strange compromise, Pontiac revealed the result in 1999: Aztek's concept version, which is a wild, yellow humpback off-road vehicle.

We wo n’t bother to describe the concept car as a visual success, but the Aztek produced was born in this world and looks much better. When it reached the 2001 model year, the Aztecs had obtained Goofy's plastic body coating. It also lacks the recognized better and wider posture, so it appears tall and narrow, and the wheels are too small. The opening of the Aztecs is as strange as the car itself, because the Aztec brand manager jumped into a swamp at the press conference, where there were also fake counter-cultural crowds holding protest-style signs [ Please see the picture below]. Apart from drama, the final design is not as popular as this concept.

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In terms of performance, Aztek is not bad. 185-horsepower 3.4-liter V-6 At that time it seemed strong enough. So equipped, Aztek can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 9.2 seconds, which is better than Mitsubishi Montero Sport and Jeep Cherokee Isuzu Rodeo SUV can help you. Unfortunately, the Aztecs made us feel at a loss regarding and gearbox improvements and rear visibility. MotorTrend Aztec The test vehicle was also attacked by some electrical ghosts.

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Whether it is literally [due to its GM-grade plastic at the time] or due to its sturdy packaging, Aztek is really a bright spot in the image. We are very grateful to Aztek for its comfortable and spacious cabin and cargo compartment up to 93.5 cubic feet. The SUV has some cool features, such as a center console that can be moved and doubled as a cooler, a designated seating area and cup holder on the lower tailgate, a second-row seat with its own headphones and jack, and Sliding load tray. It can hold up to 400 lbs of gears, making loading and unloading easier. Other advantages include head-up displays and excellent stereo systems. With the "Camping Lifestyle Package", you can install two-person inflatable mattresses in the cargo area. How can we forget to connect Aztecs to connectable tent accessories for legitimate campers?

Pontiac has made only minor updates to Aztek in the short term. The 2002 model removed most of the ugly body cladding [these fragments became the body color], and later, you can get a DVD entertainment system, or even a Rally Edition, which has a lower and greater rear spoiler Board-not exactly what the model needs to be more prominent. Production ended in 2005.

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